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Candle types and purpose candles

There are 2 different materials that a candle can be made out of. There is beeswax and paraffin. Do not just blow out the candle but use a candlesnuffer. This is because it is believed that when you blow out the candle it blows away your luck.

· Beeswax candles are natural candle. To make beeswax candle is taking sheets of beeswax and rapping it around a wick. There are some reasons that people prefer beeswax candles to paraffin candles:

o There is a pleasant order that comes from the beeswax.
o Beeswax is natural.
o They burn with a halo effect around that flame.
o They burn hotter than paraffin.
o They are handmade and you can charge them will you are making them.

· Paraffin candles are the most available candles today. They are made
from residue of petroleum.

o They are not natural
o They can be bleached white then dyed and scents can be added.

· There are candles that are used for specific purposes.

· The altar candles are the ones that are used on the altar to symbolize
the god and goddess.

§ They are usually taper candles.

§ They are usually gold for the god and silver for the goddess or 2
white ones to represent the energies that be.

§ The candle to the right as you face the altar represents the male
energy and the one to the left as you face the altar represents
the female energy.

§ The god and goddess candles are the first to be lit and the last to be
put out.

· Archangel candles are candles that symbolize the archangels.

§ They are asking for the protection of the Archangels.
§ There are certain colors that represents the Archangels
· A blue candle represents Archangel Michael. When you burn this candle
you can ask for protection from:

o Mental attacks
o Emotion attacks
o Psychical attacks
o Psychic attacks

· A green candle represents Archangel Raphael. When you burn this candle
you can ask for healing energy for:

o Mind
o Body
o Spirit

· A white candle represents Archangel Gabriel. When you burn this candle
you can ask to gain:

o Wisdom
o Knowledge

· A purple candle represents Archangel Ariel. When you burn this candle
will give you:

o Inner peace
o Tranquility
o To get rid of fears

· Candles are like any tool that you use. They have to be maintained. If
the candle starts to smokes then the wick needs to be trimmed. Once
the candle has cooled down you can trim the wick. This should stop
the smoking.

· Candles will smoke more in a small room because there is not enough
air for the candle to breathe.

· Candles will burn longer if they are placed in the fridge for an hour
or two before your ritual.

· Dress your candle before lighting it.

· Make sure that your candle is tightly in its holder so it will not
fall over or so the wax will not drip on your altar cloth.

· Make sure that your candles are not in a draft because it will make
your candle burn unevenly.


· (A candle is a tool for candle magick and should be treated assuch.
· Make sure to have a candlesnuffer this could even be a spoon. Using
either the snuffer or spoon will prevent smoke and will allow you to
keep your blessings.

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