Wiccan Words D to H

Wiccan Words D to H
Here is a list of pagan and Wiccan terms and their meanings, which I will add to over time. Everything in all caps is defined in alphabetical order on the list.

DEDICANT is a student of Wicca who is not yet experienced INITIATION. Usually a dedicant must study for a year and a day before making the decision to pursue Wicca as his or her chosen spiritual path.

DEGREES. In Gardnerian Wicca, you advance through three hierarchical levels known as first, second, and third degree. Those at third degree are eligible to "hive off" and lead their own covens as HIGH PRIEST or HIGH PRIESTESS.

DEOSIL, also known as sunwise, means to move clockwise the way the sun progresses across the sky. This motion is used for walking or stirring or gesturing to summon, invoke, and perform magic that increases. See WIDDERSHINS. See also Clockwise and Counterclockwise Witchcraft

ENERGY is a limitless life force generated by every object in the universe. It can be tapped, harvested, guided, and shaped byWITCHCRAFT among other methods to influence one's spiritual and physical environments.

ESBAT is a ritual done to mark the phases of moon, usually full and new. An esbat can be a simple celebration, or it can involve witchcraft timed to the moon's phase. Traditionally an esbat referred to a COVEN meeting, but solitary practitioners can also have esbats.

GOD is the male Deity, often referred to as the Lord.

GODDESS is the female Deity, often referred to as the Lady.

GROUNDING is when you draw stability into yourself via your connection with the earth. Sometimes you need to touch the ground. Or you might need to eat or drink something after a ritual to reconnect with your physical body.

HEATHEN is another term for a pagan, especially as used historically by Christians. Nowadays, the ASATRU community has adopted the word to mean a Norse pagan.

HEDGE WITCH is an older term for what many nowadays call a green witch. It is someone who works with herbs especially to influence everyday life with magic in small, practical ways. In the old days, hedge witches were mostly uneducated females who stood in contrast to the practitioners of CEREMONIAL MAGIC, mostly highly educated males, who were attempting epic magic tasks such as raising and binding demons or trying to transform lead into gold.

HIGH PRIEST is the highest-ranking male in the coven who leads ritual with the HIGH PRIESTESS.

HIGH PRIESTESS is the highest-ranking female in the coven who leads ritual with the HIGH PRIEST.

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