Wiccan Words I to P

Wiccan Words I to P
IMMANENCE refers to the belief that the divine permeates the everyday material world as opposed to TRANSCENDENCE, which means you must go beyond this world to reach the divine.

INCANTATION is the spoken part of a SPELL which involves raising energy and stating intent.

INITIATION is a threshold crossed that changes you from the ordinary person that you once were to someone pledged to the gods or to a spiritual path or a group of like-minded seekers. The initiation can be an ordeal, a profound spiritual experience, or an oath of allegiance that follows a period of study and reflection.

KITCHEN WITCH. Someone who practices WITCHCRAFT with ordinary tools and elements such as herbs and spices found in the kitchen. This is different from a practitioner of CEREMONIAL MAGIC who reserves special tools for ritual use. See also HEDGE WITCH.

LEFT HAND PATH refers to magic practiced with no moral code that is for personal gain. Nowadays, it is synonymous with Satanism and black magic.

LOW MAGIC versus HIGH MAGIC. Low magic seeks to influence the workings of everyday life whereas high magic aspires to raise the practitioner's consciousness and assist in spiritual growth. In the old days, CEREMONIAL MAGIC was seen as "high magic" and HEDGE WITCHES were seen as "low magic."

MAGIC. See WITCHCRAFT. Note: some pagans add an extra k to distinguish "magick" from stage magic.

NEW MOON is when the earth moves between sun and moon, casting its shadow over the moon, which can no longer reflect the sun's light. This results in no moon appearing in the night sky. The new moon is a powerful threshold between endings and beginnings and is ruled by the CRONE.

PENTACLE versus PENTAGRAM. The pentacle is a five-pointed, upright star enclosed in a circle. Upright means that it has two points on the ground and one point in the air. It is the official symbol of the Wiccan faith and is considered one of four RITUAL TOOLS by many. The Pentagram is the five-pointed star without the circle. A reversed Pentacle or Pentagram with two points in the air (often shown as horns of the goat's head) is used to signify Satanism, black metal music, and the LEFT HAND PATH.

PERFECT LOVE AND PERFECT TRUST. This phrase describes the ideal rapport between Wiccan in a coven. Because you have come to know each other as spiritual brothers and sisters, you come together in perfect love and perfect trust to work as a group.

POLYTHEISM is the belief in many gods.

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