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Freestyle Freedom Blood Glucose Monitor

If you're looking to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels, we found success with the Freestyle Freedom blood glucose monitoring system.

Freestyle I have all sorts of trouble getting blood out of my fingers. With other testing systems I have, it was nearly impossible getting enough blood to do the test with. This claims to need "the world's smallest blood sample". I don't know about that, of course, but I do know that it is a SUPER tiny drop that activates this monitor. When my finger pricks, only the smallest little blood bubble comes up - and it's enough for this.

The system claims that it can also be used on arms, legs, and other locations. It also warns, though, that when sugar starts going through your body, you can sense it quickly at the fingers, and much less frequently at other parts.

I gave this my first test on my arm, since my fingers give me so much trouble. I set the lancet tool at 1 (a low setting) and got ready. Compared to the other testers I have, I found the button surprisingly hard to push. With other testers it was a super light touch to release the lancet - but with this I had to push rather hard. With me being nervous about the lancet hitting my skin, it made it worse :) Still, I got the small bubble of blood quickly.

Unfortunately, maybe because I was nervous about the button, by the time I moved the testing strip to the blood bubble, the unit had turned off. So then I turned the unit back on again - and it wouldn't take the test strip because it already had blood on it! You can't put a test strip into the unit with blood - but if you leave the test strip in the unit for too long, it turns off. Seems like a way to sell lots of extra test strips to me :)

Still, another try or two and I got the hang of it. Again, the blood sample needed was very small, and as long as you get that drop IN to the unit before it turns off, you're all set.

You do have to be aware of how your body works, in terms of where you test. I found tests on my arm to be pretty much painless. I love doing that. However, one evening I had a peanut butter sandwich with a glass of white wine. About a half hour later I did a test on my arm. It showed 99 mg/dL. I then tested on my finger. My finger showed 130 mg/dL. I waited another hour. My arm showed 118 mg/dL. My finger showed 126 mg/dL. So they were getting closer to each other, but still not matching.

Still, when you're testing at home you're not seeking exact numbers, you are making sure you are within a general healthy range or outside it. If you always test in a certain location, you'll get to know what is normal or not normal for you. The whole package (tester, lancets, test strips etc) fits in a little cloth container which easily fits in your purse, it's about the size of a cigarette pack. The kit does come with 10 strips but of course you'll want to buy larger packs of strips for long term use.

Well recommended as an easy way to keep track of your blood sugar levels. Even if you're not under doctor's orders, it's interesting to check every week or two, just to see how your body is reacting to the way you're eating. You might learn a lot about your eating style, and why you get so hungry after eating Chinese food!

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