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Treating Spring Allergies

Spring is in the air and it's that time of year again when those with allergies suffer the most. Why? The changing season brings pollens and pollutants to the air that irritate the eyes and nasal passages, causing tearing running eyes, clogged nasal passages, nasal drips, coughing and sneezing. Are you one of the many millions stricken with spring allergies? Well, help is available for you and other allergy sufferers. One caution, those with severe Spring allergy problems should consult their doctor first. The doctor should make a diagnosis to determine if those are allergy problems or another disorder. Then if an allergy is diagnosed, the doctor can treat you with the appropriate medication to combat severe allergy problems. Those with milder Spring allergy problems might prefer using some of the natural allergy remedies included in this new article.

Treating Spring Allergies

Avoid Pollens. This is a common sense natural approach to treating allergies. Avoid those outside areas that contain a heavy pollen count. And spend less time outside in the open air during the height of the allergy season to reduce the sneezing, itchy eyes, and nasal problems that accompany Spring allergies. Listen for pollen counts on the news and try to avoid too much outside exposure on those days. Some who suffer heavily with Spring allergies wear surgical masks outside during the height of the allergy season. Research shows that wearing a surgical mask does reduce some of the exposure to pollens in the air.

Rinse eyes. A saline solution is best but not always available. So, try rinsing the eyes with warm water if they are itchy and teary.

Clogged Nasal Passages. Place a wash cloth dipped in warm water on the nose for a few minutes. This helps to ease nasal congestion. Place the warm wash cloth on the chest to ease chest congestion.

Inhale. Try using a few drops of pure essential eucalyptus, pine, or rosemary, oils in a steamer or vaporizer. And breathe in the essential oil aroma. This step helps loosen up nasal congestion and relieves breathing problems.

Wash Hair. Hair might pick up pollens and other pollutants when exposed to the outdoors. Wash your hair vigorously after outdoor exposure to remove the harmful pollutants.

Shower. Are you sneezing and coughing after outside exposure? Then the cause might be the pollen in the outside air. Take a warm shower and wash the pollen off your skin.

Sunglasses. Pollens easily settle into your eyes when exposed to the outside. This causes tearing and itchy eyes. Wear sunglasses to protect sensitive eyes when on the outside.

Neti Pot. The Neti Pot is small and shaped like a tea pot. And many use the Neti Pot to treat nasal congestion and sinus problems caused by allergies. Salt and warm water are mixed together in the Neti Pot. And the salted water is poured through nostrils. Nasal passages clear and breathing is easier after use. This is probably because the saline solution removes the pollens clogging the nostrils.

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