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Total Body Care

Total Body Care is a way to practice proper hygiene, wellness, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Living a healthier lifestyle is the best way to avoid catching germs or certain contagious diseases. It does not take a lot of money to keep clean or practice good total body care. All it takes is time and effort. After all, taking care of your body or body care should be second nature to you.

Good Body Care

Good body care begins with the basics. The basics are washing the body, hands, feet, hair, daily. And don't forget to brush and floss the teeth on a regular basis. If these basic measures are not taken daily, bacteria tends to build up which can seriously effect one's health.

Practice Good Body Care

Maintain Body Cleanliness - This is the first step in total body care. Once you get in the habit to take that daily bath or shower, cleanliness becomes second nature to you.

Hand Washing - The hands are in contact with all sorts of objects during the day. And this is the number one way germs spread. Always wash hands before and after eating. Wash hands after playing or exercise sessions. Wash hands after playing with pets or the kids. Wash hands after using the bathroom. Wash hands after work or performing chores around the home. If you find it necessary to cough or sneeze into your hand, wash immediately afterwards.

Body Scents - Don't simply spray on a body scent to mask body odor. This actually intensifies the bad body odor. Use a mildly scented cologne or body spray after the shower or bath to enhance your natural clean smell.

Deodorants - Deodorants mask underarm odor while antiperspirants stop the odor and the perspiration. If you perspire lightly it might be to your advantage to wear a mild natural deodorant daily. Those who sweat heavily or have an odor problem should select an antiperspirant to use on a daily basis.

Body Powders - Many people like the aroma of the many designer body powders on the market. The body powders cool the skin and effectively make one smell fresh and clean.

Foot Care - Foot care is important. After all, most of us are on our feet everyday. Feet have a tendency to sweat and smell in hot weather. Take a sponge or loofah and go over the feet daily. Scrub the feet gently to remove dead skin cells, grime, dirt. Use a pumice stone when needed. And moisturize feet daily.

Oral Hygiene - Brush and floss twice per day to remove food particles and stop bad breath. Use a natural mouth wash afterwards to restore a fresh feeling and taste to the mouth.

Clothing - Many of us don't think twice about dusting off that blouse or pair of favorite jeans and wearing them one more day. Think again. Who knows what kind of germs those clothes picked up while at work or play? Wear clean clothing each day to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria to your freshly cleansed body.

Shoes - Change shoes often. Don't wear the same shoes all day long. Prolonged wearing causes feet to sweat and swell leading to bacterial infections. At the end of the day take your shoes off. Sit down in a comfy chair and set your feet up high and relax. This is good practice for your feet and total body care.

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