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Color Therapy Benefits

Leading health authorities found that color or the lack of certain colors dramatically affects our moods, health, and general well being. Just think about how vital and refreshed you feel after a day in warm bright golden yellow sunshine. And how moody and depressed some might feel after experiencing a few dark dreary colorless days indoors. This clearly demonstrates why color therapy is an important part of a healthy total body care program.

What is Color Therapy

Color therapy, also known as Chromotherapy, is a way to heal disease by applying the appropriate color to the patient. In fact, Chromotherapy practitioners believe the lack of color is the source of all disease in the human body.

How Color Therapy Works

All life on the planet is filled with color. The trees, the earth, the sea, the sky. Even in ancient times the great Pythagoras understood the enormous impact color had on the body and used it to treat and heal his patients. Pythagoras believed that the sun emits light onto the earth which contains several colors. All life on the earth benefits from these colors and the lack of any one color leads to disease.

The Chromotherapy practitioner tries to diagnose which color is lacking in the patient. Then the deficient color is applied to the patient to cure the disease. For example, it is a well known scientific fact that sunlight helps cure Vitamin D deficiency. People suffering Vitamin D deficiency are often dramatically cured after spending time in the sunlight and fresh air.

Color Benefits

Red- The color red is very stimulating and is thought to warm the body. And this stimulating color is thought to treat various blood diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.

Orange- This is a energizing color known to increase blood flow. And perk up the entire body.

Violet- Used to treat nervous conditions and mental problems.

Yellow- Known to stimulate the mind. Thought to effectively treat eye, kidney and liver diseases.

Purple- An effective stimulate to treat constipation and many female complaints according to Chromotherpy practitioners.

Green- a great color to cure hay fever, colds, and ulcers.

Blue- A cool and soothing color to treat high blood pressure, reduce pain, and colic in babies.

Color Therapy Methods

There are several popular methods used to obtain color therapy benefits. They include drinking water from a color infused container or tinted bottle. Another popular method is by eating fruits or vegetables in the deficient color. For example, a patient diagnosed lacking the color red is usually advised to add beets, red cabbage, or red berries to their diet. Or a patient diagnosed lacking green is often advised to add lettuce, spinach, green grapes or other green fruits and vegetables to the diet.

Chromotherapy is a real science which shows how color affects the human body. Use these suggestions here to experience their remarkable benefits.

Source: A Complete Handbook of Nature Cures

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