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Dermatitis Prevention Tips

Ever have an irritating itch that you just had to scratch? This is the way those with Dermatitis often feel or react to the annoying itch caused by Dermatitis. Continually scratching the itch only increases the skin problem. And so the perpetual cycle continues until a permanent cure is found.

Dermatitis Causes

What causes Dermatitis? Dermatitis is often caused by common products around the house that the sufferer comes in contact with on a daily basis. Here are a few products known to cause Dermatitis:

Cleaning Products
Nickel Plated Jewelry
Hair Dyes

What Exactly is Dermatitis?

Most know Dermatitis as that annoying itch followed by an irritating reddish rash that refuses to leave. The Webster Dictionary defines Dermatitis as the ď inflammation or swelling of the skin.Ē And the word eczema is often interchangeable with the word and condition Dermatitis.

Common Dermatitis Cures

Calamine Lotion
This is an old favorite that has been around for a very long time. Many people who suffer Dermatitis symptoms find quick relief with calamine lotion. The only problem is that the pink lotion must be applied several times per day to receive the benefits. And of course many users are embarrassed by the pink glow left by the calamine lotion.

Hydrocortisone Cream
Over the counter hydrocortisone cream is very effective at stopping the itching and fighting the rash. Those on a budget might note that the less expensive store brands were found to adequately relieve the itching.

Cooling Creams
Many Dermatitis sufferers find instant relief using creams that cool the skin like Noxema. It's probably the menthol in the product which acts as a cooling agent on the skin thus easing the rash and itching. Once again the cream should be applied several times per day to receive any relief.

Stop Scratching

It's common sense to stop scratching. But this is often very hard to do. Scratching causes further injury to the skin and might result in further infection. If you must scratch, don't use sharp fingernails which also collect dirt.. gently scratch with a fingertip.

Baking Soda Bath

Baking Soda actually does supply some relief to Dermatitis sufferers. Pour 1 cup of baking soda into warm running bath water. Sit in the bath water and let it soothe irritating skin. Afterwards dry the skin gently and apply hydrocortisone cream, cooling cream, or calamine lotion.

Find the Cause

In order to stay Dermatitis free you should find the cause for the rash. If it's a certain type of soap, change brands. If itís the nickel in jewelry, try nickel free jewelry. If itís a certain chemical in hair dyes or relaxers, change brands. One must remain vigilant and keep aware of the products used in your body care routine and their possible effects to cure this problem.

And certainly if the rash is severe consult your family doctor for immediate medical attention.

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