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The Beauty Attitude Link

Beauty is not just how one appears on the outside. In truth, it is also about how one's inside appears, on the outside. This I'd like to refer to as the beauty-attitude link. When someone is lovely, on the outside, and their persona happens to be the same, often people are pleasantly surprised. However, shouldn't this be the norm? In times past, our loved ones admonished us to consider our actions and reactions. Teachers also taught that in life attitude determined altitude. However, somewhere along the line, that message seems to have gotten lost. So today, I'd like to remind ethnic beauties everywhere that there should be no divide, no disconnect, between beauty and attitude. The two are inexorably linked. When we forget or disregard this, then sure beauty killers follow.

Id like you to do something. Imagine seeing a supermodel, with entourage in tow, as she oh so casually strolls through the airport. Her skin is glowing, her hair is blowing, and she is the picture of perfection. Now imagine her approaching the ticket counter. There, she will open her mouth, and a stream of...obscenities will emit. What if --please, no-- she also raises her cell phone, to hit the agent on duty? Everything in the vicinity might screech to a momentary halt. Why? Because beauty is as beauty does; again, the beauty-attitude link; and there would be nothing beautiful about this ugly scene, especially when, in most cases, things can be handled with courtesy and calm.

Now that the picture is clear, albeit hypothetical, let us examine a few sure beauty killers.

A bad attitude, otherwise known as a surly disposition, tops the list. If one is reticent, habitually disinclined to speak, or non-responsive when addressed, that is ugly. If things do not go the way an ethnic beauty has planned, and she proceeds to childishly pout, or continuously complain; these actions can also be off-putting. If one cannot politely acknowledge the success or achievements of others, this too will dim beauty.

If an ethnic beauty seems desperate for attention and is always pulling one see-me, see-me stunt after another, in the eyes of others her beauty will wane. However, the worst, and largest beauty killers are condescension and arrogance. No one likes people who come off as though they believe that they alone are perfect. Appearing to always look down on others is also not cute. And if a person is sarcastic to the point that it stings and unjustifiably hurts others, then again, this -- the wrong attitude -- will overshadow beauty.

Beauty killers are traps, and if we are not careful, we can easily become ensnared. Then all of ones pretty undertaking eating right, taking care of the skin, exercising, maintaining healthy hair, etc. will all be for naught. Off-putting actions will quickly destroy any carefully crafted facade. Therefore, let us remember that beauty and attitude are undeniably linked. And let us also remember that our beauty-attitude link can be for better...or -- Heaven forbid -- for worse. It is all up to you, beautiful. You get to decide.

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