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Uneven Skin Tone

Although a common problem for many skin types, uneven skin tone also known as hyperpigmentation, has been and continues to be one of the biggest concerns for people of color. This condition of the skin occurs when melanin, a chemical within the skin that determines skin color, goes into overdrive producing abundant levels of pigment.

What this means, is that uneven skin tone such as dark spots or dark patches can occur just about anywhere on the skin of your face or body. This skin condition is usually harmless, however, it can cause emotional and psychological stress for many.

Finding an effective, safe solution for addressing brown skin with uneven skin tone can also be a stress factor in itself. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by many factors such as skin injury, sun damage, medications and hormonal imbalance.

Causes of Uneven Skin Tone:

1. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

This condition is a result of healing after skin cells have been injured due to a cut, scrape, burn or even lesions that occur from acne, eczema, ingrown hairs, bug bites, chickenpox, etc.

These issues set the stage for hyperpigmentation to develop. Our brown skin is hypersensitive, and highly reactive based on larger melanocytes (color producing cells) within our skin.

As a result, our skin becomes scarred more easily during and after the healing process. The type of scarring that occurs due to PIH includes dark spots, and other forms of skin discoloration. Sometimes, PIH can even cause an absence of skin color such as light spots, also known as hypopigmentation.

2. Over Exposure to the Sun

Although brown skin is more resistant to sun damage, without adequate sun protection, the over production of melanin occurs causing darkened areas or spots on the outermost layer of the skinís surface (the epidermis). Even resilient, brown skin can only take so much.

Depending on the extent of sun damage, skin discoloration can even extend into the deeper layer of the epidermis as thin as this surface is. Increased sun exposure can also lead to a skin disorder called melasma. These conditions can be addressed with properly formulated skin lightening and skin brightening products as well as broad spectrum sun protection.

3. The Use of Oral Contraceptives and Certain Other Medications

What happens when taking certain medications as well as some oral contraceptives, is that they can cause elevations of melanocyte-stimulating
(color producing) hormones to develop in the pituitary gland.

The end result of ingesting certain medications is hormonal imbalance. This can often be the basis for the development of an uneven skin tone in the first place. Simply put, these types of medications can throw your hormones out of balance thus resulting in the formation of dark skin spots and skin discoloration.

Solutions for Uneven Skin Tone

The key to successfully addressing brown skin with uneven skin tone is to use a natural skin lightening product specifically formulated for this issue. When shopping for skin lightening products, be sure to look for advanced, proven natural ingredients, backed by research. A product of this type should contain effective, natural and safe active ingredients such as:

To acquire and maintain the benefits of these types of products, it is extremely important to follow the use of skin brightening and skin lightening products with broad-spectrum, SPF 20-30 sun protection. Also, try not to use products containing invasive, synthetic, toxic chemicals such as hydroquinone or kojic acid to lighten your skin. Your skin deserves much better.

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