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The Beauty of Faith

During trying times, those moments when most everything around us seems to give way, we need something to hold on to. When we are on the verge of losing -- or have lost, a job, a home, or quite possibly even a relationship; when we are desperately seeking; when we rise each day and put on our lovely public game faces, we need strength. When we know that the doctor may not have good news to give, we need courage. When we haven't seen or heard from a loved one in so long that all we can do is hope they are yet okay, then we need serenity. In these situations and so many more, we need all of the above -- which is actually a melding of our faith.

Sure, I could talk about temporal things, physical things, but not every day. Not today, because there are times when as ethnic beauties we need more. That is why today I have chosen to speak about faith. Now you may say, I have no faith, your reason is your own. However, to that I'll say, "Okay," because you have faith in that very belief. Know this also, I don't presume to advise anyone on what or how to believe that I abhor. I would simply like to encourage those of you who will, to re-awaken your beliefs, to revive your faith.

I'll also ask you to answer a question. Have you ever met an ethnic beauty whom you knew was going through? Perhaps you could see, or you were simply aware that her heart was heavy, quite possibly in an unbelievable way. Yet she managed to serenely smile. Yet she had kind words to offer others. This woman we have all met. Although her eyes registered longing, yet she was composed. Still she found the tenacity to daily pull herself together, to rise and do what needed to be done. Was this lovely your grandmother, your mamagrande or Mema, who against all odds kept home and hearth together? Maybe this ever composed Madonna was your mother, your neighbor, your sister -- soeur, onesaan, your friend -- chaverah, or perhaps, she is...you.

This woman understood or currently understands what life teaches everyone. At points, we all need something to hold on to. I believe life hands us these opportunities which often feel as though they might break us, to make us. So you've been denied, hurt or spurned. Or maybe you're on bed-rest, just trying to make it to term, and you harbor questions, maybe even quite a few, that remain unanswered. That's where the beauty of faith comes in. It fills in the gaps. It becomes a 'knowing' that although 'this too shall pass' it is for a reason; granted, that reason we may never understand. However, beautiful faith allows us to know and to see that we actually do experience the celestial, times when divine intervention circumvents our circumstance.

Today, I urge you to access your faith. If you feel you have none, yet you desire, ask for it. Do so while putting your lovely self together, whisper a request while making your tea, or as you wait to order that first latte. Inwardly petition, as I did on many days -- those occasions when I sat at my desk about to begin another tedious and stress-filled eight to ten hours that would include a bevy of questions, seeming interrogations and accusations, despite my best efforts. Do what I and so many others have done. Through the eyes of faith, take your power back, become grateful, realize that 'it' could possibly be different, or worse... Or let faith allow you to see the coin's other side. Things can change, they can and many times do get better. This simple truth is why I implore you to continue to put one foot before the other, to exercise faith. Know that there is unmistakable beauty in doing so.

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