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The Success of the Jews in Forming a New Israel

Source: Marina Shemesh on www.publicdomainpictures.net

Creating the Independent Republic of Israel did not happen out of luck or mercy to a people who needed a home. The state of Israel was the result of smooth politics, determination, and leaders who knew how to work the system. The Jews found a home by pushing to get it and not letting go. There cannot be a study of the creation of the Israeli homeland in 1948 without knowing about their history. Only then can one get the complete picture of how it all culminated in 1948 and continues today.

The nation of Israel had not been in existence since the days of the Roman Empire. Jewish people could be found throughout the world. They declared Asia as their home, Europe as their home, and even the Americas. The problem came about because the places they called home considered them outcasts. They were even ridiculed and persecuted by many. Most people think that it was the Holocaust that brought Jews back to their homeland. In fact, Jews had been entering Palestine by the thousands since the early 1700s. As early as 1897, organized attempts were in effect to create a homeland for Jews. Further persecution brought more Jews into the Palestinian area. The numbers increased into the hundreds of thousands as World War II continued and the death of Jews escalated. It took politics to step in and bring the homeland about in 1948.

Prior to 1948, the British had been working the political angles with everyone that had a stake in Palestine. Promising land and power to everyone, Britain found themselves in a difficult situation. It was a few years earlier that the number of Jews entering the country was limited through the MacDonald White Paper, which led to the Jews turning to the United Nations for help. “…the subsequent creation of a Jewish state were dependent upon and coincided with both the imperialist philosophies and interests of the Great Powers.”

The Jews were determined to get their homeland by coming in and strategically buying property and expanding their hold on the Palestinian lands. Small in number, they were able to financially take control. Continued hold of the area after 1948 and the conflicts that occurred afterwards was successful with the support of other nations including the United Nations, setting out national boundaries and placing Jews in key political positions. Their defeat of seven Arab armies and the conquest of more land gives a good example of “the level of self-sacrifice and determination of the Jewish people to fight for their homeland.” It took political and economical maneuvering on the part of the Jews which is still needed today.

“… the winning of international recognition was vital to its long-term survival.” By turning to other countries, Israel was able to get support to legitimize themselves. It was their smooth financial purchases that helped to lay the groundwork. It is good political leadership that keeps them going. None of this could have happened without the Jewish determination, economical moves, and good political leadership.


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