Clear Up Cloudy Pond Water

Clear Up Cloudy Pond Water
Does your new pond look more like pea soup than water? If so, don’t fret! There are three solutions to your problem and in no time at all you will get the pea soup cleared up so your pond will look like you expect it to.

The three types of solutions you can choose from to clear your pond water up are natural, chemical and mechanical. The type of solution you choose is completely up to you. However there are a few things you should know so you can make an informed choice.

The natural solution to the problem is to add some plants to provide shade and oxygen. In addition to plants you can add barley straw to your pond to help with the process of clearing the water. Choosing a natural solution is a better choice for the environment but it does take a lot longer to work than a mechanical or chemical solution.

The next solution is a mechanical one. You can purchase a UV filter for your pond and add it. A UV filter works faster than a natural solution and does not involve the use of any chemicals.

Another mechanical solution is to put a product called Nu-foam in your skimmer. This product will help filter out smaller objects that your regular filter may miss. Nu-foam is a foam quilting material that can be found in craft sections and then cut to size to fit your skimmer.

With mechanical options you will want to clean your filters daily at least until the water clears up. Once the water is clear you should be able to wait longer between filter cleanings.

If you choose a mechanical option you can add plants and fish to your pond immediately after the water clears. If you already have plants and fish in your pond there is no need to remove them.

Finally, you can choose a chemical solution. There are all kinds of chemicals on the market to choose from that will clear up cloudy water. Some are safe for plants and animals, some are not. The first thing you will need to decide if you choose a chemical solution is rather or not your pond is going to have plants growing in it. The next decision is to decide if you want fish, frogs or other animals to inhabit or drink from your pond. Once these decisions have been made, choose the chemicals that best match your intentions for your pond.

Regardless of the solution you choose, natural, mechanical or chemical, your pond will eventually clear up. Once you get your pond cleared up, keep employing the method you choose to clear it up in the first place so you don’t end up with pea soup again.

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