Deck Side Water Garden Photos

Deck Side Water Garden Photos
This form-shaped water garden is built alongside a backyard deck. The location allows people who are relaxing on the deck to enjoy the waterfall and fish. This pond is located in Massachusetts.

Form Shaped Water Garden If you were standing on Sue's two-step-up wooden back deck, with her house to your back, this water garden would be on your left. The wooden railing of the deck would be on your left, then at ground level would be the red brick separating the deck from the pond, and then the pond itself.

The photo to the left has the wooden deck is immediately to your left and raised up.

The pond's location makes it wonderfully positioned for sitting in chairs by that railing and looking down on the waterfall and koi fish.

Form shaped water garden This image provides a closer look at the pond itself - i.e. the part on the right which is the main bowl of the pond, below the waterfall part. The hose running into the bowl is temporary, to add in more water.

You can see a part of the black plastic form poking out on the left, where the rocks have been pulled away. The shelf of rocks all around the edges of the pond help to give it a more natural appearance. By just laying the rocks down, you can easily lift and move them to get in to do normal pond maintenance. Just make sure that you place them securely so they cannot easily get knocked into the pond itself, potentially injuring an animal or tearing the liner.

Form shaped water garden In this image, we are focussing on the top left part of the pond, where the waterfall is. The waterfall at the top of the garden provides circulation for the pond system and a visual appeal. It is also lovely to hear the sound of the water gently cascading down the waterfall. You can usually adjust the speed of the pump to customize your waterfall from anything from a soft trickle to a powerful stream.

Plantings around this area help to hide the pump mechanism and any exposed parts of the liner system.

Form shaped water garden Here is a view from the foot of the pond, looking up through the foliage at the bowl and then the waterfall behind it. You can see the variety of vegetation planted around the pond, helping further with its natural appearance. There are different types of flowering plants so that something is going on in each season.

Sue gets a lot of compliments on her water garden - and it is relatively easy to set up this style of water garden in your own yard. This is definitely a high recommendation for going with the pre-formed liner system!

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