Book Review - Eat Pray Love Your Business Trips

Book Review - Eat Pray Love  Your Business Trips
Every trip I take, I try to create a memory. Maybe staying at a new hotel, trying a new restaurant, or taking in the local scenery. Even when I am stuck in Newark, New Jersey (no offense to Newarkians) in the dead of winter, I try to make the experience stick. Likewise, the author of the book "Eat Pray Love" documents the ultimate business trip, with the most amazing memories created in the most basic places like a train station, a post office, a cyber cafe. The result is an inspiring way to approach your business trips, or even just a good read for the flight.

The author of Eat Pray Love, is, well, an author. Meaning, that is her business and her livlihood. Elizabeth Gilbert had a career writing for different magazines and even had a few books under her belt when she departed on her journey that became “Eat Pray Love”. She traveled for business, just like the rest of us. However, her job was to write about her experiences. So after enduring a devastating personal crisis, she got back to work with the intention of writing about the business trip of a lifetime. The journey included three destinations for three months each, to perform three separate tasks. She went to Italy to eat, to India to pray, and to Indonesia to learn to love herself again.

Naturally, most business travelers aren’t in the business of eating for a living or praying in an ashram as a source of income. Unlike Ms. Gilbert whose job for the first three months of her project consisted of writing about seeking and finding the best food in Italy, and the experience of eating and enjoying it. Unfortunatley, most of us have different responsibilities each day on our business travels (and aren't we jealous?). Yet, this book captures the best and the worst of all travel. Between getting lost, dealing with poor mail service, being out of touch with family back home, it's all the same, no matter what your job is and to where you travel. Yet having the opportunity to see or do something you would never have the opportunity to experience had your job not taken you to wherever you find yourself, should be apreciated. The message is: Seize the day.

This book is written with such a quick wit and with such honesty, it feels like reading a stand up comedian’s performance with a message at the end. The descriptions of each country, and the art of enjoying the simple pleasures of each day will make you want to ring the concierge and ask where to get the best local dish wherever you find yourself landing. Enjoy your destination and milk it for all it's worth. Life is short.

Or, take a moment to strike up a conversation with a resident of wherever you find yourself on business this week. Many people do not get the opportunities we have as business travelers. We are making money while exploring, just as paid authors like Ms. Gilbert are doing. Ok, so we aren't being paid to discover the pizza, ice cream and attitude of Naples. I challenge you to mentally write your own mini novel at the end of each day of your next business trip. You might be surprised what you think to yourself.

"Eat Pray Love" also takes a funny and introspective look at the art and the act of meditating. I found this to be a strangely educational aspect of the book, especially for someone who travels for a living. We all have time to get inside our own head on long trips, and we may need to depending on the stress of our jobs causing us to travel. This book may inspire you to attempt to learn how to quiet your mind while surrounded by chaos as it did me. Quieting the mind is an especially useful goal and skill on the road with the inconveniences and discomforts we all endure that make us want to scream.

The only problem with this book is the difficulty in putting it down once you start reading. It has been out there for a while but if you haven’t had the chance to enjoy it yet, do so. Audio versions are also avialable.

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