Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson
Just the Facts
Before I give you my frills about this project, I wanted to get my facts straight.

• This is not “just” a cover album.
• This is Ann Wilson’s first solo album.
• Ann Wilson is beautiful.
• Ann Wilson can ROCK!
• My neighbors are getting tired of hearing this CD.
• My neighbors need to ROCK!
Hope and Glory is awesome.

The facts can often speak for themselves, but as a writer, I can’t stop with the bare minimum, I have to add the frills.

The Frills

This album is a library of songs created and previously performed by some of the most talented and introspective artists of my time. Do I dare say, our time?

Ann Wilson’s new CD, Hope and Glory, was released on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 – a perfect date. Ann proves that hope and glory are not just words for a great title; with this CD she proves that music is one of the most important healers our nation has.

Wilson, along with noted producer Ben Mink and Zoe/Rounder Records, collaborated with the works of Pink Floyd, Elton John, Lucinda Williams, the Animals, Led Zeppelin, the Youngbloods, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, John Lennon and Bob Dylan to give us a CD that is not “just” a cover album, but instead is a story told in musical form with the best of storytellers. Ann takes the lyrics of songs that talk about the darkest of days, sunrises of war, unsettled faith, bad endings as well as new beginnings, and gives them a new place in our musical history.

What does music have to do with history? It has everything to do with it. Music and songs can envelope a moment and/or event and immortalize it for us. On this project, Ann vocally partners with her sister, Nancy Wilson, as well as Elton John, k.d. lang, Wynonna, Gretchen Wilson, Alison Krauss, Deana Carter, Rufus Wainwright and Shawn Colvin. Together, they have turned the lyrics of songs from the past – already immortalizing moments for many of us – into a message of hope and glory for the present and future.

Hope and Glory is now the alpha and omega of my music collection. And don’t you dare file this away under classic rock! Yes, these songs maybe be classic, but Ann has brought them into this millennium quite nicely. And she had fun; in fact, she had a blast. You can tell by listening that she ran through a gamut of emotions while working her way down the 12-track list. Isn’t that what being an artist is about, to use your art as an outlet for your emotions and for fun? And, isn’t that what life is about, isn’t that what we are looking for – to be creative, to be industrious and to have fun?

My VERY VERY Favorites

Where to Now St. Peter – Ack! I loved this song already. I’m a huge Elton John fan. Golly gee, I didn’t know it could get any better!

Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin should invite Ann to their one reunion show to do this one.

Bad Moon Rising – AHHH! Werewolves beware! Ann, Deana and Wynonna kick butt on this one!

Get Together – Made me cry. It’s good to cry sometimes.

Little Problems, Little Lies – You have to listen. There is nothing I can say that will give this piece justice. It’s incredible. Ann, thank you, I lost a friend there. This meant a lot to me.

~ ~ ~

A Fun Note: Since I’ve been writing for, I’ve really gotten to know our UPS man. He delivers the CDs and books I review. He always asks my advice on music. I saw him this week, he had nothing for me – actually he was three doors down delivering a package. I wanted to get his attention; I needed to get his attention, and I can be loud.

“Hey, Scott! Scott! SCOTT!! Ann Wilson – GO BUY IT! YOU HAVE TO!”

He gave me the thumbs up. My next door neighbor slammed her front door. She doesn’t ROCK. Ann does!

Have a great week!

Hope and Glory
Ann Wilson
Produced by Ben Mink
Zoe/Rounder Records

Track List:

1. Goodbye Blue Sky with Nancy Wilson (Pink Floyd)
2. Where to Now St. Peter with Elton John (Elton John)
3. Jackson with k.d. lang (Lucinda Williams)
4. We Gotta Get Out of This Place with Wynonna (the Animals)
5. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
6. Darkness Darkness with Nancy Wilson (the Youngbloods)
7. Bad Moon Rising with Gretchen Wilson (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
8. War of Man with Alison Krauss (Neil Young)
9. Get Together with Nancy Wilson, Deana Carter & Wynonna (the Youngbloods)
10. Isolation (John Lennon)
11. A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall with Rufus Wainwright & Shawn Colvin (Bob Dylan)
12. Little Problems, Little Lies

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