Dark Fall - An Adventure Mystery

Dark Fall - An Adventure Mystery
Who said that mystery games and adventure games were a thing of the past? With Dark Fall, you get a Myst-like mystery with a ghost story built in.

The premise is that your brother has vanished and last told you to meet him at an abandoned train station. You show up and start to poke around, and meet up with the ghostly voice of a young boy.

As you walk, Myst-like from screenshot to screenshot, you learn more about why the station was abandoned and the ghost research that was being done here. The station was closed in the 40s, but it and the hotel nearby were constructed long before so you get a mix of architectures and styles, plus the spooky run-down-ness of it all.

It's easy to pick up items - coins, lamps - and to use them. The game is sort of retro in its mode of action. Unlike newer games where you can look around and walk through your environment, in this one it's click to turn, click to investigate, period. So a lot of the time you are stuck waving your mouse all over the page to see if it ever "lights up" to indicate something is interesting in that spot. I spent quite a while waving my mouse over bricks, desks, planks, etc, "just in case".

There's a lot of atmosphere put into this game, from travel posters to random notes and more. The puzzles are reasonably good and help you feel like you're really working on a strange situation and not part of some sort of cosmic game. They fit in with the mood and situation.

There are minor problems here and there, with items not opening and closing properly, things not resetting to where they should and so on. Nothing that stops the game from working, just little glitches.

In all, a fun adventure game for those who enjoy being spooked a bit!

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