Spring Fancy

Spring Fancy
Hello again. I hope the spring weather hasn´t been as fickle where you are as it has been here. Something in the air makes me want to run out and shop, not just for house things, though that´s nice, too, but for more books! I want to read more books. Not that I usually have trouble finding books to read, but it seems to me that there are an awful lot of books coming out, or are just out, that look wonderful, don´t you think? Do you ever have the same trouble? I´ve been in the bookstore twice in the last week, and let´s just say it´s a good thing my husband didn´t see what I brought home, or I´d be in a bit of trouble. And since spring is here, my favorite flea market will soon be a weekly fixture on my schedule--lots of books to be had there, and for way less than I spend at the bookstore.

Then there´s the problem of keeping up with all the books. How do you manage? Do you read those by your very favorite authors first? Or pick whatever story happens to catch your fancy at the particular moment? I think I may never get all my books read if I have to keep buying more and more that look good. And at the moment, my to-be-bought list lives in two large metal index card boxes. My husband will never be able to say he didn´t know what to buy me for Christmas. Ah, the terrible things that happen in a person´s life, eh?

Well, enough about my shopping habits. This week, I´ve read a great new book from Avid Press, by a debut author. "Hunter´s Song" by Natalie Damschroder is available now at the Avid Press website, or from your bookstore, either in electronic or paper format. Hunter Cole has never recovered fully from the losses in his life. Nikki Winter has run away from her old life to the small beach town where Hunter now lives. Both have secrets and past hurts they must overcome, and one of those secrets might involve Nikki´s infant daughter, Montana. Can the independent Nikki learn to trust the family-minded Hunter? Overall, I found this a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, though there was one nitpick I had but since I don´t want to give away the whole story, I can´t tell what it is. Of Cupid´s five arrows, I´m giving "Hunter´s Song" three. I look forward to more from Ms. Damschroder.

Next week, I´ve got a trio of new books for you, and hopefully you´ll enjoy them as much as I.

Happy reading!

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