Sony MDR-A35 S2 Sports Headphones

Sony MDR-A35 S2 Sports Headphones
The Headphones
I love my Sony Sports Headphones! They fit into my purse, pocket, backpack and/or glove compartment. The headphones are stylish with a slim black headband trimmed in white, silver and orange. I bought them for $21.99 at Best Buy.

Both of my music players came with earbuds; however, I’m not an earbud kind of lady. I just can’t seem to keep them in my ears. Yet, I still wanted that great sound you get from earbuds, so the Sony MDR-A35s were my answer.

They are flexible and fold up almost completely flat. The sound quality is great with my Napster and iPod Shuffle players, and I also use them with my laptop and portable CD player. The headband is adjustable and fits well with my glasses without pushing against the ear pieces. They are also easy to clean – I wipe the little buds that fit into my ears with an alcohol swab. They are also sturdy – I’ve dropped them a few times without leaving a nick, smudge or crack.

My only complaint is that when I’m in a hurry, I put them on backwards. I’m learning!

The best part about the headphones is that they make me look cool. At least a little cooler than I looked with the headphones I was using before I bought the new ones.

The Story
See, it all started when I got my first MP3 player – a free gift (shipping only) from Napster. I had been listening to music on my laptop and portable CD player wearing a pair of Sony MDR-7506 Professional Stereo Headphones.

My background is broadcasting and I’ve always loved Sony products. I bought the MDR-7506 headphones to use for voiceover work. Music sounded great through them as well, and I started wearing them all the time.

One problem – they were big and bulky, not easy to conveniently carry and a real pain in the ear to pack for travel. I found out earlier this spring when I visited my best friend in Norfolk, Virginia, that not only were my big black headphones with my name collaged across the top headband hard to handle on the plane, they also made me look a little . . . um . . . un-cool.

Kelly alerted me to this fact shortly after she picked me up from the airport.

She pointed at my black ear accessories and said, “I’m not going anywhere with you this week while you are wearing those.”

Sometimes, you need a friend to help you see the light, or should I say hear the sound.

I’d been walking around my neighborhood and through the park for months listening to MP3s with my trusty Sony industrial type headphones. Oh, and not one person had said anything to me when I wore them shopping at Kroger or Wal Mart. Maybe no one noticed.

I related this same story to the salesperson that helped me choose the Sony MDR-A35s.

“Oh, they noticed, alright,” He assured me. “You just didn’t.”

Yep, he still got the sale.

Have a great week!

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