Freedom Fighters - Russians in NYC

Freedom Fighters - Russians in NYC
Let's see - this computer game involves 2 plumbers who get wrapped up in world-changing plots. There's an evil group out to destroy things as we know it, and a beautiful girl in trouble. Sound familiar?

Nope, it's not Super Mario X. Instead, this is the start for Freedom Fighters, set in an alternate reality of New York City. In this version, the Russians are taking over the world and have just reached your metropolis home.

The graphics on this game are simply amazing. It's more of a cel shaded high-end cartoon feel than a realistic one, but the facial expressions and movements are dead on. You move through various areas of New York - Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the landscapes and buildings are very well done. You move through movie theaters, churches and more, and as the game progresses they turn into more and more of a war zone. Escape from New York was just the beginning.

The gameplay is great. You start out as an 'average Joe' - but as your search for your brother continues, and you get involved in the resistance movement, your character wears more gear, knows the ins-and-outs more, and draws more followers. At first you only have 2 people believing in you, but as you prove yourself you can recruit more and more followers to help you out.

The sound effects and music are excellent. The ambient noise are right on, giving you a sense that you really are under fire in a dirty New York street. The music is rich, Russian epic, giving you the sense that a gigantic empire is rolling across the world, and you are a mere toothpick in its path.

The AI and gamplay is superb. Your teammates take cover, peer around corners, provide covering fire, take over machine guns when they're available. You can tell them to advance to a given point, or 'scout an area', or follow behind you, so depending on your gameplay style you can be as specific as general as you wish.

There are helicopters that chase you down, APCs that bring reinforcements, buildings to run around in, streets to terrorize. There are turned-over cars, barbed wire fences and everything inbetween. The in-game maps are incredible and the physics are very realistic. Having been in New York many times and having a boyfriend who grew up there, the atmosphere is dead on.

Highly recommended for any strategy-war fan who really enjoys a game that envelops you. This isn't an arcade blood-and-guts fest. The game lets you heal your teammates, build a reputation and make a stand to protect your home and your family. Just about the only thing this is missing is multiplayer. We can only hope that a future release will add that in, and make this a true gaming classic.

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