Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs
Freelance writing can be a lot of fun while building your skills to establish a writing career. I have enjoyed freelance writing for over 30 years now. I would never give it up because it is simply in my blood.

The two biggest questions I come across about freelance writing jobs are, where to find them, and how to not spend countless hours surfing online.

The Internet is a great resource for finding high quality, freelance writing jobs of all types. However, because of it’s immensity, you can also waste hours upon hours trying to find the sites that list the most current freelance writing jobs in your chosen topic area.

Here are my top tips to cut this job hunting monster down to size:

Time Management:

First, sit down and write out your freelance writing goals. Make a short term goal list and a long term goal list. Long term goals would include your goals of one to five years. Next, you want to take action on these goals in an organized way. Prioritize your short term goals. Take the first one and work on it until you have accomplished it, no matter how long that takes you. Don’t jump to another goal because the one you are working on seems hard or unproductive.

Second, use a digital timer to help you schedule all the tasks of your first goal. As you begin, it may seem as though each task is taking a lot of time. By using the timer, you can monitor the time each task is taking you. You can then watch how much faster you get as you repeat the task as needed. This is the key to fine tuning your freelance work schedule.

The third thing to do is to create a short 15 or 20 minute task list for all your short term and long term goals, then add these tasks into your daily routine and schedule. You can include them in small spaces of time you have in between other activities. Before long, you will notice how your work simply begins to fall into place. You will also be amazed at how much more you get done in increasingly shorter periods of time.

Choose the Type of Freelance Writing You Want To Do:

This is a step often overlooked. Many people simply search through endless freelancing job lists looking for something that appeals to them. This is a huge time waster, and when you are wasting time you are lowering your income.

Instead, decide what kind of freelance writing you have an interest in or passion for. Do you like writing blog content? Are you a technical writer? How about web content writing? There are literally dozens of different types of freelance jobs available online today.

Your first task is to look at the different types of freelance writing jobs that are available and choose one. Start there. Work at that type of freelance writing job until you reach your first short term goal. Then, work toward your next freelance writing goal. Repeat these steps until you are earning the money you desire and doing the kind of writing you love.

Now, if you find after taking the plunge, you don’t really find satisfaction in the type of writing job you chose…no worries. Simply research and choose another. Once you choose another, start on your first short term goal again. Keep repeating this until you find the writing niche you love.

Bookmark Sites to Save Precious Time:

Once you choose one type of freelance writing to test out, bookmark the websites that specialize in listing jobs pertaining to that type of freelance writing. Make sure the site is posting daily or at least two to three times a week. Bookmark the actual pages that show the type of writing you are interested in doing.

By bookmarking the websites and the actual pages that cover your type of writing, you will save many hours of fruitless searching. You can then track how long it takes you to comb for new writing jobs. Then, it will be easy to put the time of job searching into your weekly or monthly schedule.

You will also find the mundane tasks of job searching are now quick and easy, allowing you more time for family and productive paying writing jobs.


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