God Or Allah

God Or Allah
I have always known the creator as God and as a Muslim I never refer to Him as Allah but as God. There is no commandment in the Quran to use the word Allah or to speak Arabic. The word Allah means God and vice versa.

Some Muslims insist on referring to God as Allah, even if they do not speak Arabic and even when speaking to someone who does not understand the Arabic language. It gives the wrong impression that Muslims worship a totally different deity to that of the Christians or the Jews. This is not so as there is only one God but He has many names. Arabic speaking Christians also refer to God as Allah because Arabic is their language, but for anyone else to use the word Allah, when Arabic is not their mother tongue, it is meaningless and pointless.

Arabic was the language used in the Quran because the final scripture was delivered to mankind by Mohamed, the final prophet, who was an Arab and therefore he preached in Arabic to the Arabs of that time. Today the Quran has been translated into many languages for us all to read for ourselves (41:44). God told the Arabs in the Quran that it came to them, in their language, so that they may be attentive to the words of God, nowhere in the Quran are the rest of mankind commanded to learn the Arabic language. This verse applies to anyone who reads the Quran in their own language and calls to God by the name they acknowledge Him by. We should all take heed.

Chapter 44, verse 58
We have thus clarified it in your language, that they may take heed.

It is estimated that there are over 6000 languages spoken in the world today. God has a name in every language that is spoken on Earth so here are just a few of them.

Arabic – Allah
Celtic – Diu
Chinese – Prussa
English - God
French – Dieu
German – Gott
Greek – Theos
Hebrew – Elohim
Lapp - Jubinal
Peruvian – Puchecammae
Persian – Sire
Polish – Bog
Russian – Bojh
Swedish - Gut
Swiss – Gott

Why would God expect everyone to use the word Allah when it is an Arabic word? All of the messengers and prophets preached to their people in languages they understood. Not one particular language is associated with God because God is the creator of all languages and understands everything, every one of us says.

Chapter 14, verse 4
We did not send any messenger except to preach in the tongue of his people, in order to clarify things for them. God then sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills, He is the Almighty, the Most Wise.

God gave human beings the ability to speak many different languages, so again why would He expect us to call him by just one name? Allah is one name for God amidst many names.

Chapter 30, verse 22
Among his proofs are the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours. In these there are signs for the knowledgeable.

God asks us to worship Him and Him alone. God does not worry about the names we give him so long as we worship Him.

Chapter 7, verse 180
To God belongs the most beautiful names, call upon Him therewith and disregard those who distort His names. They will be requited for their sins.

Which language do you think was spoken by the first human being on Earth? By which name did Adam call God when asking for redemption for his soul? Adam was taught the names of everything and that includes every name God will be known by until the Day of Judgement.

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