Delicate Lace Heart

Delicate Lace Heart

This delicate motif can be used in a few ways. This one will be put on a bracelet for my daughter, but you could also use a pair as earrings, or just sew one to ribbon for a ribbon choker, or add one to a card for a friend.
They can be cross woven, but I used a single needle for mine, so that's the thread path I'm showing. The diagram without thread paths is at the end of the article if you'd like to try cross weaving it.
You will need:
Japanese size 11 seed beads in 2 colors. I used white ceylon and silver lined ruby. This is very thready in some beads, so Japanese beads will work best.
Beading needle
Work tightly for this pattern.
Thread your needle with a yard of thread.
Make a ring of 12 beads, and tie ends in a knot, leaving a tail to weave in.

The next round is the frame work for the heart. There are 6 "points" for the edge of the heart to go around. Each point has a right angle weave picot on the tip. This is the trickiest part of this pattern but it's fairly simple.
First point:Add 3 beads, go back through the bead your thread came out of on the opposite side. (picot formed), go through the next 2 beads
Second point: add 7 beads, go through the 4th bead from the last crossing the threads in opposite directions (refer to diagram) add 2 beads, and go back through the bead in the ring from the opposite side that the point started on.
This point will have 3 beads on the side towards the bottom and 2 on the side towards the top before the picot. Go through next 2 beads on the ring.
Third point: Add 7 beads, go back through the 4th bead, add 3 beads, go through the bead on the ring, still following the diagram and crossing threads in opposite directions where indicated.
Fourth point: (the bottom) Add 8 beads, go back through the 4th bead, add 4 beads, go back through the bead on the ring.
Mirror the third and second points on the other side. Weave thread to the top bead on the top point.

Now to form the heart shape.
Add 8 beads, and go through the top bead of the second point, add 5 beads and go through the top bead of the third point, add 7 beads and go through the bottom bead on the bottom point, add 3 beads, go back through the bead on the bottom point in the opposite direction, add 7 beads, go through the fifth point, add 5 beads, go through the sixth point, add 8 beads, go through the bead on top you started from.

Now it's time to add the border beads, unless you're happy with how it looks now.
The beads are added by just square stitching them into place around the edge. I put a bead on the center top, skipped 2 beads, then put one on the next one, then every other bead until the bottom, and stitched one in each of the bottom picot. Back up the other side every other bead, skipping the last 2 beads.
Weave ends in and tie off securely.

As promised, here's the diagram with no thread paths, and also a blank diagram so you can work out your own color variations.

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