Why We Are Here On Earth

Why We Are Here On Earth
In chapter 38 of the Quran God tells of some important news which we were totally unaware of. A feud in the Society of Heaven, where we existed before we became human beings, brought about our downfall and exile from Heaven to here on planet Earth.

A dispute resulted from an ambitious scheme devised by an elevated creature whose name was Satan. He thought that alongside God, he too could be an absolute authority and rule over a kingdom.

God gave Satan the planet Earth as a kingdom. God made Satan a Viceroy on Earth. God put Earth into the furthest of the seven universes, the farthest universe from God. Earth and the seven surrounding universes sit in the palm of the Creator’s hand. God only has to say “Be.” And it is.

God asked all of His creations, “Who is your God?” And every one of God’s creations agreed that God alone is God, the Creator of everything. He then arranged the creations into four groups, angels, animals, humans and jinns. Every creation is born with the knowledge of God. Every creation submits willingly or unwillingly to God.

The angels totally submit, unquestioningly, to the will of God. Angels do God’s bidding and are messengers to God’s creations.

The creatures who became animals forwent freedom of choice for their blasphemy and rebellion. They had entertained the fact that Satan could possibly be a god next to the Creator. They are put on Earth to be exactly what they are, dogs, horses, fish, ants, elephants. The do as they do, they do not think ‘today I will be a mink’. Animals are communities like humans and jinns.

Those creatures who became human beings and who were made from potter’s clay were granted freedom of choice, which the Earth forwent. They are all to decide for themselves if Satan is capable of being a god alongside the Creator. Every human has been given a chance to redeem themself. Every human being is born with the knowledge of God.

The angels did not expect God to give the insurgents another chance, but He told them that He knew something that they did not. God knew that some of the human beings would submit to His will alone. Those who did not would follow Satan.

Satan said to God that he will take all of the souls that do not submit to God alone. God tells us in the Quran that many human beings will follow Satan and forfeit the right to return to Paradise.

The jinns are creatures made of smokeless fire who totally believe that Satan is an absolute authority alongside God. They are with us continually, whispering to us and they see us even if we cannot see them. They continually hard sell Satan’s campaign strategies and the weak among us fall prey to his false promises and illusions of this world. Some jinns submit to the will of God and will be granted Paradise.

So, one by one, from the beginning of time on Earth, from Adam until Judgment Day when the pregnant women abort their burdens, God’s creations are here on this planet to figure out for their selves if Satan is capable of being a god or if God alone is God.

Every human being is born with a jinn companion who will be a witness on Judgement Day and who endorses the point of view of Satan. Every human being has two recording angels who witness and deliver to God a daily record of our every deed. Every human soul has the choice to follow God or Satan.

The time that we spend on this planet is our only chance to redeem ourselves for believing that Satan could possibly be a supreme authority next to God. Many human beings believe that Satan is capable of kingship and follow his ways, be it intentionally by worshipping him as a god, or by following their own egos rather than following the will of God.

Chapter 67, verse 2
The One who created death and life for the purpose of distinguishing those among you who would do better. He is the Almighty, the Forgiving.

There is a community of jinns who submit to God alone, just as there is a community of humans who submit to God alone. The animals submit to God alone and the angels submit to God alone. God tells us that He did not make the human or the jinn but to worship Him alone. We are here to redeem ourselves so that we can return to God. That is the meaning of life.

Chapter 29, verse 19
Have they not seen how God initiates the creation, then repeats it? This is easy for God to do.

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