Everyday Essentials for Male Teens with Autism

Everyday Essentials for Male Teens with Autism
Please note that due to having two teen boys on the spectrum I have opted to specify males in the heading since I have no personal knowledge of any girls on the spectrum utilizing these products.

I personally have used some of these items on my nonverbal son, plus my high functioning teenage son has tried them out. A few of these have been used my myself as well. I recommend other families check out these products and give them a try.

1. RevitaPop - This is a MB12 Lollipop that comes in goji flavor with 30 pops individually wrapped, 30 in a 6 oz bag. Suggested use is one per day for children and two for adults, but not prior to bedtime since they will increase your energy level. Benefits are improving your sense of relaxation, energy, focus and overall well being.

There are 20 calories per pop, 3.6 mg of Vitamin B12, 5 grams of sugar and 5 grams carbohydrates. This is also a Feingold stage 2 approved product. Ingredients include Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice and Organic Black Carrot Juice.

These are a bit pricey at $35 per bag, but I enjoy having one in the morning on my drive to the gym. My son Nicholas also likes them. The taste is quite pleasant and it is a fun way to get nutrients into your system.

It is noted on the bag to consult with a Physician if you are pregnant, have cancer or a heart condition before consuming a POP. They are to be stored in a cool dry place and not to be chewed or bitten into. RevitaPop is free of yeast, wheat, milk, egg, soy, gluten, salt, casein, nuts, artificial flavor and preservatives.

The website is going through some changes and will soon have a Rep program, which I signed up for. Also they send out updates with specials. Recently they had one for President's Day to buy one bag at full price with second bag half price. "RevitaPOP is an active supporter of Generation Rescue and its Rescue Family initiative. RevitaPOP donates a portion of its proceeds, as well as product, to the Rescue Family program."

The product is made in Canada and packaged by people with special needs in the USA. These were invented by Stan Kurtz.

2. Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo - Salon Grafix makes this spray that is suitable for all hair types with no white powder residue. This product cleans and refreshes the scalp and hair in a matter of seconds with a pleasing scent. I use this often on my son Matthew. I have him turn around and I spray it from the back to front. The results are an easy to brush head of hair that looks lighter and cleaner instantly. There is no greasy look either as his hair looks much lighter.

We have tried many products over the years to make brushing his hair more tolerable and for it to look decent for school and other outings. This is the best product we have tested. There is also a conditioner, but we do not have a need for that at this point in time.

All you need to do is shake the can, spray in and brush out. There is no water or towel needed to utilize Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo. It is noted you must wash out the product before bleaching, dyeing or perming hair.

This is sold in Target, RiteAid, Walgreens, CVS and Walmart stores for about eight dollars. I received a free canister for review purposes and plan on making a purchase soon so we do not run out of this great product.

3. Anti Monkey Butt Powder - this is a sweat absorber and friction fighter that contains calamine powder. There is also a product specifically for babies and one for ladies. The other ingredients are talc and fragrance.

It is best to sprinkle or apply to skin areas that are prone to tenderness before activities begin. This can also be used inside footwear, under sports pads, after shower, bath or exercise. I have used Anti Monkey Butt Powder several times in replace of baby powder for Matthew and sent it to school for use before gym class where he runs 4-6 laps around the track. I even tested it a few times myself before taking Zumba classes and made sure I was wearing black pants those days so no one would know I had powder on my butt.

You can find Anti Monkey Butt Powder at Walgreen's for six dollars. It is also sold at Walmart, Rite Aid and Babies R Us or at the website. This is also available in Canada and through the website internationally.

"Monkey Butt is a term used by motorcycle riders to describe the soreness, itching and redness that occurs when you ride and sweat on a motorcycle for hours. If you have to walk bowlegged like a monkey to prevent your skin from rubbing, you have Monkey Butt!"

I received a free sample for review purchases and do plan on getting the Lady version soon so I can keep it in my gym bag.

4. Action Wipes - known as the ultimate wet wipes. " Your face is not a baby's butt. Don't wipe it like one." These are natural full body wipes (9 x 10) that contain tea tree and eucalyptus. There is no alcohol or parabens plus no animal testing was done. No water or rinsing is needed. You cannot toss these in toilets or porta-potties.

They are very thick with a pleasing scent and not irritating to my skin. It is suggested on the website to " Stop showering one day a week and conserve water." I have used the wipe on Matthew's face and body. They are useful for traveling, keeping in the car and for camp. It is noted on their site that Action Wipes help prevent rash from poison oak, ivy and sumac.

5. SmartKnit - Seamless Socks comes in sizes S, M, L and XL in crew style. We received free white socks to test in all sizes and have purchased more socks a few times. All three of us have a pair. They are 3% spandex with 97% CoolMax. SmartKnit is written across the top portion of the toes.

These are also for diabetic protection and everyday comfort. They prevent foot ulcers and skin irritations, which I can agree to since I have suffered with eczema at times on my feet.

They are very stretchy and feel so soft when you put on a pair for the first time. Also there is a crackling sound when you pull these on your feet the initial time. "The non-binding HaloTop is heat-sealed during the manufacturing process"

They also sell a mini-crew and over the calf style sock. Matthew and I wear the size Medium while Nicholas has the Large size. The socks are available in white, black, grey and navy. We have only white and do plan on future purchasing black. I have never used bleach due to my sensitivities and noted in the laundering instructions they advise to use only mild detergent and no bleach.

The product information is available in English and Spanish, which includes a brochure on proper foot care. These are also pricey and will cost almost thirteen dollars per pair.

6. Qwik Shower - these gym class wipes are disposable washcloths for single usage that measure 10 x 12. They are not strictly for gym class either. S.T.S. = stop the stink! The aloe vera extracts revitalize the skin plus the scent is refreshing. The Qwik Shower wipes are on the thin side.

Ingredients do include alcohol and lanolin oil. I am allergic to lanolin so I used cotton gloves when wiping over Matthew while testing them out. The website sells them at one dollar per bag with free shipping. Other options include ten for seven dollars.

There are opportunities for school group fundraisers like PTA, band and sports teams. I was sent a few packets for review purposes.

With spring break around the corner and summer camp options in the distant future, all six of these products are useful for packing in the car for trips and when sending your teen off to camp and to school. More teens are in general education classes so using a body wipe might be a safe option after gym class if not enough time for a shower or between school and sports activities or in Special Olympics games.

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