Filtered Water - Tap Water - Bottled Water

Filtered Water - Tap Water - Bottled Water
Filter water verses tap water, tap water verses filtered water, bottled water verses filtered water, or bottled water verses tap water. I have received many emails asking me why I always recommend filtered water rather than bottled water. What could be wrong with bottled water – a lot could be wrong with bottled water! We don’t want our pets or exotic pets to drink tap water or bottled water!

A friend of mine owns a store in California. Mostly it is a fruit/vegetable stand, a huge fruit/vegetable stand. He also carries dried fruit, nuts, and a combination of herbs, spices, and so forth. He is on a busy corner of two major highways. This store is located in San Joaquin valley and it gets very hot. He thought it would be a good idea to carry bottled water.

He attended a symposium by a major distributor of bottled water that is owned by one of the huge cola product companies. Come to find out, bottled water is nothing more than tap water, whatever is available at the plant where bottled water is filled. He opted not to sell bottled water.

Then think about the bottled water sitting in plastic containers for long periods of time, usually in very hot warehouses. All the chemicals that make up a plastic bottle leach into the water. So, not only do you have just tap water but contaminated tap water; more contaminated since tap water is contaminated to begin with.

Filtered water, by federal regulation, only need be as good as tap water, not better than tap water. “Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public," Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Bottled water companies make about 22 billion every year.

Neither tap water nor bottled water is good for you, pets, or exotic pets. Always use a filter, a good filter to filter your water. Use filtered water for pets, for infants, for everyone.

We noticed immediately the taste difference in coffee when we used bottled water. I don’t know how many drip coffee makers we have thrown away because the coffee tasted awful. We have also thrown away many bags and cans of coffee because of the bitter awful taste. It turned out to be the chlorine and other additives in water as well as contaminates that are already in the water. Contaminates found in water start at the original source of the water, say a river or a lake, and contaminates continue to accumulate through pipes and anything else that touches the water. Some contaminates found in tap and bottled water is lead, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and industrial solvents.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have created an environmental nightmare with their bottled water. They spend millions trying to convince you it is the best water. By the looks of the number of plastic bottles littered all over the place and plastic floating in the ocean they have done an excellent job of pulling the wool over your eyes.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch – some say the size of the United States, some say only twice the size of Texas. Animals get cut, strangled, suffocated with these plastics. Animals eat the plastic mistaking it for Krill. Humans eat the animals and end up with the same contaminates in their systems that make up plastic. Six times more plastic than plankton in water samples – an environmental disaster and few people care or even know about. YouTube video - World biggest garbage dump - plastic in the Ocean World biggest garbage dump - plastic in the Ocean

Use a home water filtration system, a filter pitcher, or a filter device that fits on the faucet, a faucet filter. We have both Brita and Pur. We take a filter pitcher on camping trips with us because we are purest especially when it comes to the taste of our coffee.

Plastic takes 1000 years to break down. It was invented 140 years ago, so there is a lot of plastic in landfills and in the ocean, oh and also in our yard. We have a corner lot everybody walking by or driving by manages to throw a plastic bottle, glass bottle, or can into our yard. 60 million plastic bottles go into landfills EVERYDAY! Think of the mountains of plastic in landfills!

Fresh water is a precious commodity; it takes at least three times the amount of water making a bottle than it does to fill it. It takes a heck of a lot of oil/fuel to make the bottle and to transport the bottled water.

It is estimated that filtered water is ten times the quality of bottled water. What do you want your pets, exotic pets, infants or children to drink, bottled water, tap water or filtered water? Don't forget to like if you like :)

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