Games X Copy - Backup your Computer Game

Games X Copy - Backup your Computer Game
Most of us have had a CD get scratched or destroy through wear and tear. Games X Copy allows you to back up your computer games as a safety measure.

Gaming companies lose billions of dollars to software theft each year, but few believe that this new Games X Copy will have a big impact on that theft. If someone is stealing software, they are already doing it. If someone has legitimately purchased software, they have a right to protect that software in case the CD gets damaged.

In essence, Games X Copy creates virtual "CDs" on your hard drive and copies the entire contents of the CD as-is into that area. You of course need a large enough hard drive to hold the contents of the CD, but most people nowadays have large hard drives and have more than enough room. This would allow you to play a four CD game without swapping CDs at all - the game would just look to these Virtual Drives for the information it needed to play.

If you play a lot of computer games, it might be worth it to look into Games X Copy, to help you play the games more easily and to protect your investment from harm.

I do want to add a personal comment in here. If you are stealing software, please DO NOT. Many of my favorite gaming companies have shut down because they did not get enough revenue from their games to pay their bills. They would easily have stayed in business if those who had stolen their games had simply paid for the copies they enjoyed. To you it's just a $40 purchase - something you could save for in a few weeks if you have even a casual babysitting job. To the gaming company, this is their life blood, it is the reward they get for spending months and months, often working 24 hours a day, to create this product.

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