See through Your Pet’s Eyes

See through Your Pet’s Eyes
Have you ever wondered what your pets do during the day when you’re not around? Have you ever wanted to see the world through your pet’s eyes? Do you want to know which one of your pets chews the computer cord? Do you want to know if your neighbor is telling the truth or giving you a line of BS when they complain about your pet? What did your pet get into, perhaps anti freeze; save your pet’s life!

Dogtek Dtk Ete Eyenimal Digital Camera Video cam for Pets
I just can’t imagine not wanting to know and see these things. When I saw this device on a television show, I just had to have one. Wow pet cameras! It certainly proves your pet's day is not dull!

This gadget is primarily advertised for dogs and cats but of course the pet industry is short sighted and short sheets themselves into losing a lot of sales!

Just think about all the other animals, exotic pets, and unusual animals if you use this device it could open up a whole new world for you. A world seen from an animal’s eyes!!! Just the wonder and marvel is worth the price; though frankly it is quite inexpensive.

I can think of a lot of uses for this Dogtek Dtk- Ete Eyenimal Digital Camera Video cam for Pets - Dogtek DTK-EYE, I can also think of a lot of different animals it can be used on, especially since it only weighs 1.2 oz! For such a nifty tiny device it holds a lot of flash memory 8GB memory. 2.5 hours of sound and video recording, and CMOS autofocus sensor.

Another use I think you may find intriguing. Exactly who is teasing or messing with your pet? Now your pet can tell you!! Is your neighbor telling the truth or being a rude and nasty neighbor? The pet camera will tell the truth!

Where did your ferret put the keys to the car? Which animal is hiking their rear next to the litter box and not in the litter box? This demonstrates what a wonderful advantage it will have as a tool to help you train the animal.

Who knows this may very well save your animal’s life. I can think of dozens of examples. Think about this, if your dog is extremely ill all of a sudden, you don’t have to guess. Look for yourself. Oh look, Fido got into the neighbor’s anti freeze under the car. You know exactly what to tell the veterinarian. Pet cameras can save the day!

You have a burglary, how many times have you wished your pet or exotic pet could tell you what they saw. Now you will know exactly whom they saw!! Did I mention you have sound too! I got so excited when I saw this on TV, I had to have one. Now that I have tested it, I will get a few more. This has been more fun than chunky peanut butter. I know which of my little rascals chews the computer cord. I know which exotic pet isn’t using the litter box. I know exactly who stole the money out of the dresser drawer and who walked off with our DVD’s. Our pets turn into marvelous spies!

This is a miracle of miracles, plain and simple. Works great. A little bit of a wobbly picture if you have a real active animal. However, it is quite viewable. I can’t think of any reason not to have this remarkable new gizmo, a pet camera Dogtek Dtk Ete Eyenimal Digital Camera Video cam for Pets.

It has also been highly entertaining, a laugh a minute! Pet Cameras! Digital Camera Video cam for Pets

I bought this gadget at Amazon and paid $99.00. Dogtek Dtk- Ete Eyenimal Digital Camera Video cam for Pets. It ships free with super saver shipping.

Explore the world through your pets digital eye Watch the pet camera in action! Your pet's day is not dull!!

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