Ferrets - A Complete Guide

Ferrets  -  A Complete Guide

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Ferrets: A Complete Guide is an EBook for novice ferret owners, experienced ferret owners, and people that are considering a ferret for the first time. Great as a reference guide or a standalone care book for ferrets. Written to be understood and not to leave you scratching your head going; huh? Having read almost every ferret book, I know what is missing!

Ferrets are amazing animals. They are affectionate and make fantastic pets; for the right people. Are you that person? Often affectionately called fuzzies; have many positive qualities. However, they do have a few traits that may be unappealing to some people. I believe you will know if you are destined to be a ferret person when you are done reading this book.

They also have very strict dietary requirements. They cannot eat anything except for this strict diet. Do you know how many ferret owners I have met who are unaware of these needs and restrictions?

Ferrets, especially in the United States, are not living as long as a pet ferret’s potential. Many are dying at such an early age and it is avoidable!

Ferret kits are adorable, who wouldn’t want to breed these adorable kits. I wouldn’t, and there are a lot of reasons why, find out these reasons before you contemplate breeding ferrets. This book provides a detailed guide on how to breed ferrets.

Few people realize how easy it is to train a ferret. I doubt if you can ever get them to do the dishes; but, they are capable of so much, more than many people realize. Ferrets are intelligent, social, and need fairly multifaceted play.

What are the specific needs, and can you supply these needs? Fuzzies need lots of love, play, and attention.

They are quick, curious, and low to the ground. These qualities lead to lost ferrets. What can you do to prevent losing a ferret? What can you do in advance; making it much easier to find a ferret should it become lost. If you haven’t made these arrangements, ferrets can still be found, if you know the correct procedures to find a lost ferret. Though, the advance preparations do make a higher recovery rate. Learn how to find a lost ferret.

I have had twenty-something ferrets through the last few decades, and this doesn’t include rescue ferrets. I lost two ferrets to avoidable accidents. What killed my ferrets? What could I have done to prevent these preventable accidents? There are many more potential dangers lurking in your home. Learn what they are. Your ferrets can be safe - learn how to keep your ferrets from dying a needless death.

This EBook is bursting with great information, a good deal of information you have never seen before, and never in one handy guide! You can use PayPal or a credit card!

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FERRETS: A COMPLETE GUIDE - ferret facts and information!
College 101 for Ferrets
• Chapter One: Introduction to Ferrets
Graduate Courses
• Chapter Two: Housing the Ferret
• Chapter Three: Nutritional Needs (Diet)
• Chapter Four: Ferret Fun
• Chapter Five: Ferret Training
• Chapter Six: Health-Medical Issues
• Chapter Seven: Breeding Ferrets
• Chapter Eight: Your Ferret’s Arrival; Kits and Adults
• Chapter Nine: Lost Ferrets
• Chapter Ten: Ferret Dangers
• Chapter Eleven: Conclusion

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Ferrets: A Complete Guide available in paperback, PDF, and Kindle. By Diana Geiger (me:) Five star reviews! Also available at Barnes and Noble online.

Ferrets: A Complete Guide - Paperback

Ferrets: A Complete Guide - Kindle

PDF Version Ferrets: A Complete Guide (Access to free PDF Reader)
Ferrets: A Complete Guide

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