Exotic Pets Found in Dumpsters Still in Cages

Exotic Pets Found in Dumpsters Still in Cages
I think about the song, the Eyes of an Angel when I think of Beth Randall. All the innocents that have been neglected, abused, and abandoned; the innocents Beth has saved. These animals would have suffered and died. Instead they found sanctuary with Beth.

I want you to think about the song Eyes of an Angel; I want you to envision these animals, starving, abused, bleeding, on the verge of death. I want to know if you can walk the walk, as well as you talk the talk.

The following paragraphs are taken from the original article I wrote when Critter Camp won the Exotic Pets BellaOnline Top of the Web award. I couldn’t be prouder to help Beth, Beth's family, volunteers, and Beth's facility Critter Camp win the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest. The following will give you an idea how remarkable Beth is, and how much Critter Camp Sanctuary is needed. Let's reminisce a bit. You will also find voting information. Will you walk the walk, or just continue to talk the talk?

Critter Camp is the ONLY licensed, registered, 501c3 non-profit, 100% no-kill, ALL volunteer, exotic pet sanctuary of its kind in the U.S. actually caring for the largest variety of un-adoptable different animals; over 300 animals of 36 different species! During different seasons and circumstances they have many more!

Because of lack of knowledge, unpreparedness, the endeavor to be trendy or just plain malicious intent, thousands of exotic pets suffer neglect or abandonment. Many of these exotic pets are left in deplorable conditions, killed, or "set free," where the animals suffer starvation, climate inhospitable to their needs, suffering agonizing pain until they die. Or else, they manage somehow to survive in the wild, however not in a habitat that is native to the animal, causing irreversible damage to the local native wildlife.

According to Director Beth Randall, of Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary, she has seen the consequences of the hardship these animals have endured. Exotic pets left alone to starve; the innocents that have no concept of why they are in pain and suffering.

"We have taken in a hedgehog that was found in a dumpster, a guinea pig so filthy, that once the caked on waste was shaved from his fur, he weighed half of what he did when he came in, a rabbit who had been tied to a tree and the skin had grown over his collar - just like you see in abandoned dogs, elderly hamsters that were left in a house when the tenants moved out; they were found by the new tenants, rabbits starving, ferrets in kidney failure because they were deprived of water for days, ferrets with cancer that had gone untreated, malnourished and filthy small animals, guinea pigs that were to be used as bait in a dog fighting ring, strays that people have found outside, in danger of being killed by predators or frozen, animals so mean, caused by abuse, that they were to be euthanized but were saved by a vet tech who knew about us," said Randall.

Critter camp is currently winning the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest. As of this writing they are in 6th place out many entries. With the support of the animal and earth loving community, voting once a day, every day in August, they can bring this exciting project to life! Vote at Vote Here Sign in first, you can also sign in from/on Facebook, and/or you can text your vote Text* 108022 to Pepsi (73774) to vote from your mobile.

If you pass this information to your family and friends and they vote, and put it out on your social pages, do you realize the significant impact you can make on these animals lives? People who run sanctuaries use their own money and every second of time they have during a day to help these animals. I know that Beth does. Will you walk the walk? All you need to do is vote and pass the information along.

Toward the end of the month the completion gets rough. Please vote; use your Pepsi caps for Power votes (you can win up to 100 votes on one Pepsi cap!) Grab a nice cold Pepsi and check your cap. Power vote on the same link just follow instructions.

Fennec Fox Pictures
This is one of the power vote volunteers, he’s doing his job, please do your by voting. You talk the talk, can you walk the walk?

Many shelters will euthanize unwanted animals but Randall adamantly refuses to stoop to inhumane solutions to already suffering, unwanted, and unloved pets. According to Randall, euthanizing such animals brings the rescuer down to the universally despised level of "puppy-mills" in that; if an animal is no longer useful to humans it must be killed.

"This is incredibly heartbreaking," said Randall. "People bred every one of these pet animals for human enjoyment, for profit or both; therefore, we as humans have an obligation to provide quality care for these animals for their entire lives, whether or not they are 'pet quality.'“
Ferret Picture
Critter Camp ferret Pepsi Refresh Project volunteer. He said, "Find Pepsi bottle caps for power votes!"

One of the solutions to this problem is education and awareness. Randall feels there is a consensus of what needs to be done to help eliminate the reoccurring problem of unwanted pets. Randall and her volunteers produced brochures on what to consider before you get a pet, they provide educational presentations, produce informational pages on their website, and answer questions on pet care both via email and phone calls, and provide hands-on educational tours at the sanctuary. "People have come from as far away as Australia, Canada, and Ethiopia to take our tour," said Randall.

"Oh no, I lost my place, which one did I do last?” Critter Camp Pepsi Refresh Project Rattie Volunteer.

Take the time to look at their website; in an era where we hear a constant flood of bad news, it is a ray of bright sunshine to find those that truly do care. They don't just talk the talk they walk the walk! You also can make a difference.

Learn about Critter Camp!
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

Please consider adopting before purchasing. Where to adopt

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