How to Make Halloween Costumes for Pets

How to Make Halloween Costumes for Pets
Making costumes for your pets can be simple, and inexpensive, if not free. Everyone has old clothing or clothing we don’t wear or need, taking up space, that could be used for other things. That size six wardrobe put away 15-years ago in all likelihood will never see the light of day again. We also have a whole lot of stuff in our junk drawers that could easily be used to decorate costumes. With a little imagination and improvising skills this could result in some mighty cute costumes.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Pets
First, no matter how cute your pet is dressed for Halloween, safety comes first. Many dangers, even hidden dangers, come along with the territory of Halloween and Halloween costumes. Strings that strangulate or materials that are flammable, poisonous substances, cool glittery things that could cause an animal to choke or a material that could be toxic. Noises that could scare your pet into flight, and I do mean both definitions of the word flight. Children and adults, people that your pets would normally recognize will look and possibly smell entirely different.

How to make easy Halloween Costumes for Pets
Homemade Halloween costumes do not have to be complex. Use construction paper or old material just use your imagination and be creative! It is more fun if you make it easy and simple.

Think about what type of costume you want for your exotic pet. Do you have a theme in mind? Second look at your pet’s proportions. Measure the neck, space between legs both from side to side and back to front. That is, if the animal has four legs. Also measure the circumference of the legs, so on and so forth. Usually simply eye-balling the measurements will do the trick. Some pets just won’t hold still long enough to use a tape measure.

Now think about what you have on hand. You may have to purchase a couple of things but improvise using what you already have is a lot of fun. After all, a simple hat made from construction paper is cute in itself.

Perhaps you’re not so crafty, or just don’t enjoy or have time for homemade pet costumes. There is a bunch of costumes for your pet to look like an exotic pet, your exotic pet to look like a pet, a pet that looks like a child or a child that looks like an exotic pet. Sounds fun, doesn’t it!

If a child can be a lamb why can’t a ferret become a bumble bee for Halloween! The new rage, Halloween costumes for our pets from Halloween costumes for dogs, Halloween costumes for cats, and Halloween costumes for exotic pets.

I have found that many Halloween costumes for dogs and Halloween costumes for cats will work, (most are available in small, medium, and large) for many exotic pets including the skunk, raccoon, coatimundi, iguana, and many other animals. See there really are Halloween costumes for exotic pets!

I have found that many costumes designed for small dogs or cats will work on the skunk, raccoon, coatimundi, iguana, and many other animals. Ferret costumes work great with smaller exotic pets. I have even rigged a costume or two for iguanas. Use your imagination; think about your pet, how the pet is shaped, where the leg positions are, the sky is the limit with converting costumes meant for children and pets to fit other animals. I have seen some pretty cool snake costumes as well. There are literally thousands of costumes for animals at Amazon!

All images are links. Halloween always seems to sneak up on us.

Would you like your dog and ferret to be twin lady bugs; cuter than a bug’s ear – a lady bug that is. Both dog and ferret sizes will often fit many exotic pets. Maybe they will need a slight nip or a tuck but they work, take it from a person with years of experience!

Lady Bug Ferret Halloween Costume

Marshall Pet Products Ladybug Costume for Ferrets

Honey Bee Ferret Halloween Costume

Marshall Ferret Bee Costume

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