Graphing Patterns -small repeats in peyote

Graphing Patterns -small repeats in peyote
In the past, we've gone over how to graph designs that are radially symmetrical. Radial symmetry means that the design repeats around in a circle rather than being mirrored or a simple repeat. Peyote stitch, as you know, doesn't line up just right for radially symmetry with 4 sides, but hexagons it does beautifully. If you need a refresh on how to graph designs, check out Graphing Patterns- Mandalas

Using the same technique for graphing designs that way is also a good way to create small angled motifs for other projects. My example is a coffee bean.
Using the same motif at one angle and just copying down a bracelet or other pattern can be a bit boring.

Graphing the beans in a hexagonal shape gives you more angles to play with.

In this simple 2 color design for a small amulet bag, the coffee beans surround a power symbol, like the one on your computer. Coffee Power!

So now I'll take the beans off that pattern, and apply them to the same 13 bead wide bracelet strip.

That has a lot more movement. Because my design is symmetrical and very simple, there are only 3 possible directions for the bean to go. If my design had an up and down, like a lady bug, it would be possible to place the ladybugs in 6 directions.

Since the design on the coffee bracelet is very simple, it's not very clear it's meant to be coffee beans. So I took out the part in the middle and graphed some words in it.

Here are the full sized graphs to use. The amulet bag graph above is full sized. This is the blank for that with the lines marked for graphing a radially symmetrical design.

Here are the bracelet graphs, vertical for better printing.

If you like mandala designs, or bracelet patterns, feel free to check out my Etsy shop. I have a mandala pattern e-book for 4.00 USD that has 9 patterns in it.

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