Halloween – Exotic Pets Not Invited

Halloween  –  Exotic Pets Not Invited
Many dangers, even hidden dangers, come along with the territory of Halloween, Halloween parties, Halloween costumes, and the whole Halloween experience. Nibbling on electrical wires could bring on a horrible holiday disaster. There are candles that can burn curious noses, paws, burn a tail or candles knocked over by a tail. An exotic pet could start a horrific fire that could kill. There are strings that can strangulate or materials that are flammable, poisonous substances, cool glittery things that could cause an animal to choke, cause intestinal blockages, or a material that could be toxic. Noises can scare your pet into fright and flight. Unless it is a small family get- to- gather Exotic Pets not invited!

Bright billowy scary costumes will make children and adults your pets would normally recognize would look and even smell different. An exotic pet may react differently or react by scratching or biting. No matter how cute your pets look in their costumes, they don’t belong in the bedlam of Halloween.

Decorations are irresistible, too irresistible not to chew. Exotic pets can choke and strangulate on these objects. Bright flashing lights can lure and scare. It certainly isn’t unheard of to taste a small light bulb.

One fatal disaster I witnessed on a Halloween night many years ago. It happened to a ferret and a young girl. The young girl had put her treat bag on the counter top when she entered the house. A short while later, without her parent's knowledge, she grabbed her treat bag and sat in a chair. She wanted to see what goodies she had in the bag. She dropped the bag on the floor next to the chair. She had been tired, wasn't thinking, and went off to bed. She found her ferret dead the next morning. The ferret had choked on a hard-round piece of candy.

I would think twice about inviting your pets to Halloween parties. Any holiday party is a prime time for disaster to strike. Really think twice before inviting your pet to a party.

A friend of mine went to a Halloween party dressed as a pirate and had his macaw on his shoulder. He had even rehearsed the bird to say several cute pirate phrases. Thankfully, this didn't end in disaster, though it could have. Between the vapors from the dry ice in the punch, strange noises from the stereo, strangely dressed people he didn't recognize at all, the bird, even though his feathers had been clipped, glided down to the floor and was fearfully running between everyone's feet. My friend yelled out for everyone to stop moving. Thankfully, they listened; the macaw's owner held his arm out for the macaw to perch. He hurried his bird to his cage for the rest of the night.

Another friend lost his beloved macaw forever when he took the parrot to the renaissance festival. He had recently clipped the wings but not enough for the bird to not take flight. He looked for weeks for that poor bird. We all hoped a good person eventually found the macaw and gave it a home. This is a good time to mention identification chips with your veterinarian. Discuss an identification chip with your veterinarian! The same thing could happen during a Halloween party. Many people live in warmer climates and celebrate Halloween outdoors. Some people use live parrots, and many other exotic pets, to go trick or treating. It is not worth losing your bird or other exotic pet forever. No pet or exotic pet should go trick or treating. Many awful things could happen to the animal.

Be ever so watchful during Halloween and other holidays. Since there is nearly an infinite number of different exotic pets it makes it impossible to describe every possible scenario of dangers lurking. Remember the old saying the more people watching our kids, the more likely they aren't being watched at all! Everyone presumes someone else is doing the watching.

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