Gingerbread House to Sew

Gingerbread House to Sew
Making a decorated gingerbread house is a tradition dating back to the early 1800s. The classic Grimm's fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel contributes to our knowledge of this popular holiday decoration. Sew rather than bake one to use as an ornament, gift card holder, or package decoration! Use a favorite gingerbread cookie template for house shapes to make your own paper pattern templates or use the following for a guide:

For roof draw 1 shape 4 1/2” x 4” (cut 2 of fabric).
For house sides draw 1 rectangle, 3"x 4” (cut 4 of fabric).
For front and back of house draw a rectangle 3” x 4”, and then re-draw one of the 4” ends into a triangle peak shape, beginning at the 3” mark on each side edge from what will be the base; peak would be centered at 4” from base (cut 4 of fabric).
Draw bottom of house 3” x 4” (cut two of fabric).
For an optional chimney draw a rectangle 2” x 4” (will be folded to form a 1” x 4” shape, short ends stitched together to form chimney shape.)

Cut out paper pattern templates and then place on brown or tan fabric, cutting out the necessary number of fabric pieces.

Cut out polyester batting: one piece from roof template, two pieces for house sides, two for the house front and back, one piece for house bottom and one piece 1” x 4” if using an optional chimney.

Layer two roof fabrics wrong-sides together with one batting piece on top. Stitch in a 1/8” seam around all sides leaving a small opening for turning. Trim corners and excess batting from seam allowance, turn right-side out, press and slip-stitch opening closed. Fold roof in half along 4” length and press; the pressed fold will become the roof peak.

The gingerbread house pieces - front and back, two house sides, roof and bottom of house can have trim added before assembly. Add tiny white rick-rack trim on house sides and front and back to form windows and doors. Add a button for a door knob. Add small holiday trims if desired to make a wreath or holly berry sprig. Finally, hand-stitch all pieces together at finished edges to form the house.

Make an optional chimney if desired and attach by hand-stitching to roof.

Add a pocket on one house side if making the gingerbread house as a gift card holder. Add a cord to middle of roof peak if hanging as an ornament.

Note: To simplify, the house sides and bottom can be made as one piece. Cut out two fabric pieces 9” x 4” and one batting pieces the same size. Layer fabric pieces wrong-sides together with batting on top. Stitch, trim, turn, press and slip-stitch opening closed. Just top-stitch across the width, approximately 3" in from each short edge to allow the house to easily bend and shape to form the side, bottom, and side of the house. Then just hand-stitch the finished edges of the front, back, and roof to this combined shape to form the house.

To make a gingerbread house out of felt rather than fabric visit Felt Gingerbread House from

Sew happy, sew inspired

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