Do Dragons Exist

Do Dragons Exist
Standing on a great continent, in the ring of fire, Mary Steward an archeologist from Australia looked over her dig site. She knew the dense hollow bone was of enormous significance but what was it? The DNA results were of unknown origin. She had expected an unidentified species of bird. She was perplexed yet excited.

Another rumble quaked beneath her feet. She stood between three volcanoes, one volcano as young as 200,000 years old. The ground had shook frequently during the dig, but this time it grew in intensity. The rock began to slide beneath her feet. Lightening struck a short distance away.

A mountain about 100,000 meters away began to crack. Rocks tumbled and thunder crashed. In a short while the earth once again became still.

Mary looked around for a shelter to seek safety if the earthquakes should begin again. She noticed a sparkling substance scattered on the ground around the nearby mountain. A large crack had appeared behind some boulders in the mountain.

Curiosity got the best of her forgetting about all danger. She walked toward the sparkling substance on the ground seemingly coming from the new fracture. The ground was scattered with crystals of all colors, brilliant colors.

Mary was quite close to the fractured mountain. She thought she heard a hum. The crystals on the ground began changing colors. A prism of colors came from the cave causing the crystals to change colors.

She made her way to the cave. There was just enough room to squeeze inside. She found herself in a small hollow space. The walls were full of crystals. She also noticed brilliant green and red crystals suggesting they were rare gems.

Again she noticed a prism of color across from the opening where she stood. There was a small space just big enough to crawl through. She slung her backpack in front of her and pulled out a flashlight. She crawled through the hole dragging the backpack behind her. She crawled for quite a distance before coming to another opening. This room much larger than the last. It was magnificent. The beauty mesmerized her for a short while. The crystals were huge.

She found the source of the humming and the prism of light. She certainly didn't need her flashlight. She had no idea what the light source was, but the room was brilliant. In the back of the room was a great crystal rock. The rock was semi-clear. She moved closer. The prism and hum came from within this crystal rock.

She ran her hand over the rock, it was smooth but quite warm to the touch. She thought she saw something out the corner of her eye. She climbed up on the rock and made her way to a indistinct area inside the rock. The humming grew more distinct, the rock on top of the hazy area had holes. She counted five holes. She gazed into the rock and knew her eyes were playing tricks on her. Something seemed to be staring back.

Mary was more fascinated than frightened. She noticed the prism of colors repeated a sequence. The humming transfix her thoughts to the five holes. She looked around the cave and realized there was a crystal for every color in the prism. The first hole shined deep blue. She looked around for a blue gem. She found one in the cave wall, she pulled it and the crystal broke away from the wall a lot easier than she had expected. She placed the blue gem in the first hole. The second hole was glowing red, again she found a red gem to place in the hole.

Each time she placed a crystal the humming grew more intense. The last gem was in place. The rock she was kneeling on began to vibrate. A large squared area began to rise from the rock. It looked like a crystal container. This box held the blurry figure. She thought she was seeing things when she saw two little eyes looking back at her. Inside the rock was a oval crystal with something alive inside.

She wasn't sure what to do. What could it be? Her field of expertise was things that had been dead for a very long time. This creature was alive. She carefully cradled the crystal oval. The oval object, was it an egg? It vibrated, hummed and it was quite warm.

She felt the deep clash of lightening outside the cave with the thunder following immediately. The crystal egg began to shatter. A thick liquid crystal splashed all over her chest. It was almost hot enough to burn her, but not quite. She held a small animal, what kind of animal she wasn't sure. It looked somewhat like a newly hatched bird. It seem to have feathers but they didn't look like feathers. The animal was wet, it was hard to tell what she was seeing.

She sat with the newly-hatched animal for quite some time. The youngster quietly hummed and watched Mary intently. As the feather-like objects dried they felt extremely delicate - but strong. She ran her hand over one, it felt like crystal. The young animal stepped back out of her arms and stood on its hind legs. Great wings unfolded; the young animal flapped the wings to help dry them.

The shaped of the leg was just like the bone she had discovered a short distance from the cave so many months ago. It was a beautiful creature, it looked both bird and reptilian. The feathers a multitude of colors forever changing. What was this beautiful creature an angel or a dragon?

It jumped off the great rock they had been sitting on and pounced on a large quartz rock. She or he began chewing the rock. "A crystalline baby dragon that ate crystals," whispered Mary.

She started her venture so many months ago for recognition but she knew she was entrusted with the greatest and most important confidence of all time. She could never let anyone know of this great creatures existence until the dragon told her the time was right. For it was obvious, this dragon was born for a reason.

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