Protecting Yourself from Computer Radiation

Protecting Yourself from Computer Radiation
We look forward to the day when someone will create a healthy cell phone and computer that emits low levels of radiation. I hope it will be Apple. I welcome any electronic manufacturer to design and offer cell phones and computers that do not harm our health. I encourage electronic manufacturers to start caring about the human beings that use their products.

As you become more aware of the harmful effects of radiation, you will be more able to recognize that your body is being affected, and you will take better care to reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to from electronics. First it is important to acknowledge that radiation from electronics does affect the human body in negative ways.

Recently when I was searching for information about how to reduce the effects of radiation, I learned some things I would like to share with you, in the hope of helping you to feel better. The simplest and most important way to reduce the radiation from electronics is to increase the distance from the electronic and yourself. For example if you are using a cell phone, it is good to remind yourself to hold the device away from your head. This will help reduce the amount of radiation that affects your precious brain, the organ that controls all your body functions.

If you have a child that uses a cell phone, encourage him or her to hold the phone away from their head. Cell phone radiation is especially harmful for children. The organs, bones, blood and tissues in the body of a child are still developing and vulnerable to the distorting effects of radiation. Also it is important to remember that cell phones are not toys for children. Cell phones are dangerous for children.

When you are using your computer, place the monitor and processor, as far away from your body as possible. Consider using an external keyboard to further increase the distance from your body and the computer.

For a notebook computer, it is healthier to use the device without the power source connected and charging. The charger releases a large amount of heat and radiation. Use a notebook computer battery until it runs out of power. Charge the battery when you are not using it. This will decrease the amount of heat and radiation released from the unit and being absorbed by your body.

Avoid placing a notebook computer on your lap. This is unhealthy for your reproductive organs, and other parts of your body, for example your legs. Searching on Google for the term 'Toasted Skin Syndrome' will help you understand what radiation burns look like. When you search for this subject, Google will show you pictures of people with severe burns from using a notebook computer on their lap. This is a serious health hazard.

Avoid any person or electronic manufacturer that tries to minimize the effects of radiation on the human body. Understand that their motives are money or ignorance and sometimes both. Caring about your health is something you have to do for yourself. Ignore those who are ignorant and follow what you know is healthy for you.

Another helpful item is the Radiation Filter, also known as a Privacy Filter, Glare Filter or Glare Guard. This is a simple thin film that is placed over the screen of your computer. A computer radiation filter can help to reduce harmful radiation. When searching for this item, be sure to find in the product description that it offers UV protection. Some filters do not have this, and are for protecting the screen only. This will benefit your computer but not your health. A radiation filter with UV protection takes care of you.

It is also helpful to disable the Bluetooth option and Wireless option on your computer if you are not using these. By doing this you lessen the amounts of radiation your computer uses and emits to your body.

Any electronic device that uses Wi-Fi, is producing lots of radiation. Using a wired keyboard and mouse is healthier. Simply using an Ethernet Cable to connect to the internet, instead of wireless, reduces radiation. Just as using a corded phone, also reduces radiation. Remembering also that turning off the Wi-Fi is helpful for reducing radiation.

If you are using a notebook computer be sure to use the device in a well ventilated and slightly cool room. It is important to let the under part of the computer breathe. Heat and radiation are released from the screen, underneath, from the corners, and from the keyboard. It is important to let the under part of the computer breathe. This lessens the heat your hands and face will receive from the computer.

It is also helpful to take breaks from using the computer. This is good for your body and mind. It is not healthy to sit in front of a computer for hours on end. If you take some time to relax and take care of yourself away from the computer, you will decrease your exposure to radiation, and increase your health and well-being. These simple steps will lessen radiation from electronics, reduce illness in your body and help you to feel better.

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