Exotic Pets - Hedgehog - Skunk - Sugar Glider

Exotic Pets - Hedgehog - Skunk - Sugar Glider
Domestic Skunk
The domestic skunk can be an ideal pet. While they are not legal yet in all states mostly because of misconceptions about the skunk and the fact that there is not a legal rabies vaccination approved as of yet. Many states will require a permit before you purchase a pet skunk. In addition, your county laws and local laws before purchasing a skunk. Domestic/Pen Raised skunks are at no more risk of contracting rabies than any other domestic animal. Skunks can be stubborn, strong for their size, intelligent, friendly, and highly curious.

A skunks as a pet is usually a striped skunk though some people have a spotted skunk. The striped skunk doesn't climb (much - they can climb up a baby gate or playpen.) Spotted skunks are much better climbers.

It takes a patient person to own a skunk. They have their scent glands removed before they are sold. However, they have not spayed or neutered and this is a necessarily procedure. They are very quiet animals. They require both cat and dog vaccinations. They can never be caged and must have free range of most of the house. The skunk's diet is highly specialized, and they can never be fed cat food. The skunk requires the same healthy diet that we do. Most of us that have skunks end up eating much healthier because we have skunks in the house.

Skunks are highly sensitive to fumes, pesticides, cleaning agents, and deodorizers. Skunks love to play and are very loving. Skunks can be very destructive. The skunk is a very different and unique animal. It is certainly not a pet for everyone. Did I mention skunks are stubborn?

My article on how to care for the pet skunk Pet Skunks

Sugar Glider
What are sugar gliders? The sugar glider is a marsupial from Southern Australia. The pet sugar glider make sweet, affectionate little pets. They love human attention and love to play. They sleep in the daytime and play at night so this may make an outstanding pet for a nocturnal human. These little sweeties require a healthy specialized diet.

They cannot consume fat. The majority of their diet is fruit and vegetables (75%). They should receive protein (25%).

It is unsafe for the sugar glider to roam free in your home. It is also unsafe for your home. They do chew on drapes and furniture. Keep the sugar glider out of the sunlight. Bright light can permanently blind them. Provide a proper enclosure for them. A cage should be no smaller that 24" inches in diameter and 38" tall for not any more than 2 animals. Bigger is better. They make excellent pets for the family that has time to spend with them. They are highly intelligent and social animals. Having two sugar gliders is better than one. Check out the laws in your area before purchasing a sugar glider.

Where to get sugar gliders. Look up sugar glider breeders to find sugar gliders for sale. In addition, you can go to my exotic pets main page look to the left and find a menu and you will find a breeders and sellers category.
My article on caring for the pet sugar glider. Sugar Glider - Pet Sugar Gliders

The hedgehog also known affectionately known as the "Yuppie Puppy" because its popularity as a pet is a recent occurrence. Hedgehogs are around 6 inches long and have quills on the top portion of their bodies. Their undersides are soft fur. The hedge hog is nocturnal. These little armored animals need to be caged. They require an exercise wheel and toys. Check the legalities of owning a hedgehog before purchasing. They do not take up a lot of space, and are very quiet.

Unfortunately, people grow disenchanted because they are difficult to handle and many hedgehogs become ignored and lonesome. The hedgehog is another pet that can be special for the right person.
My article about caring for the pet hedgehog or pet hedge hogs. Hedgehog - Pet Hedgehog

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