The Goodnight Show

The Goodnight Show
What is a sproutlet? A sproutlet is a preschooler who’s a fan of PBS Kids’ Sprout, of course!

Do you have a Sproutlet at home? If so, you’ll want to check out The Goodnight Show on PBS Kids, if you haven’t already. It’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, somewhere between bath time and story time before bed.

The Goodnight Show is a programming block on PBS Kids that airs from 6-9pm (eastern time), and is designed to promote winding down. The shows that air in this block are varied, and typically only an episode of a show will air. This means that instead of an entire 30 minute show with three episodes, you’ll only see one 10 minute episode, with other original segments shown in between the shows.

Because the show is goodnight- themed, the episodes that air are of a calmer, slower pace than those that air earlier in the day. There is nothing designed to get your child up and going; these shows are designed to get them comfortable and calm. In between the shows you’ll see the show’s hosts, Nina and Star, leading you in all types of bedtime adventures and introducing healthy bedtime habits, like brushing everyday before bed and a goodnight stretch. It’s also an easy way to ensure that they aren’t watching too much, as the episodes can be easily broken up without missing anything.

Nina, a Latina actress who brings a very peaceful presence to all of the night’s activities, makes a great host as she is pleasant, has a great, soothing voice, and despite Star’s protests, gently encourages him to get ready for sleep. Star, he plush, star- shaped co-host, is friendly as well, although he’s always trying to stay up later and later. Eventually, sleep gets the better of him, just as the programming block ends. The block is repeated two more times throughout the night though, so all “Goodnight Show” airing doesn’t technically end until 3am (eastern).

Between the episodes, you’ll see recaps of some of the day’s happenings, like birthdays and stories. The show’s hosts also participate in other activities between episodes:

Nina, the host, keeps the show moving forward and leads sproutlets in stretches, stories, and games.

Star, the very childlike co-host, asks lots of questions pertaining to what’s going to happen next on the show (much as a child would) and encourages sproutlets to participate in their nighttime routines.

Lucy, a firefly who introduces each new episode by lighting the way with her firefly light, also leads viewers in an activity where they must solve a picture puzzle by trying to guess what the picture is as she lights up bits and pieces.

Hush, the real- life goldfish who previously introduced segments of the show, is now only present at the end. Every show ends with viewers saying goodnight to Hush with the goodnight poem.

The shows that air during The Goodnight Show (in no particular order) are The Berenstain Bears, The Pajanimals, Super Why!, Caillou, Kipper, Thomas and Friends, Angelina Ballerina, Nina’s Little Fables, Poppy Cat, Driver Dan’s Story Train, and Sheeep.

Check out The Goodnight Show for a great way to end your little one’s day!

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