Never Disagree in Front of a Child or Exotic Pets

Never Disagree in Front of  a Child or Exotic Pets
There is little difference in behavioral training a child or a animal; either common domestic companion pets or domestic companion exotic pets. I am going to use the word parents or parent to refer to the guardians of a human child or an animal child.

If one parent tells the child they can or cannot do one thing and the other parent turns around and tells them the opposite that can cause serious confusion in a child. Their heart breaks. One, it makes the person that said yes a liar. It makes them the "bad person," and makes them look weak in to the child. Tell me, what kind of role model does this give the child to follow? Exactly, certainly not a role model I would ever want my child to follow.

The same thing holds true when a parent tells a child no to a question and other parent turns around and then says yes. The child learns nothing positive. If you disagree you NEVER disagree in front of a child.

The child's mind literally zots (higher brain functions overload) out and they do the only thing they know what to do when dealing with utter confusion...they cry. Of course men are hard wired to believe any crying is aimed at them - a plot against them. Only because most men have never learn to deal with emotion. The more angry a man gets the more the crying gets to them, the more they yell the more hurt the child becomes and therefore, cries more. Have you ever noticed countries or large corporations on an average are more efficient with a women at the head than a man? More and more men are learning to use their hearts in combination with their brains to make decisions. More men are spending larger amounts of time with children and pets, they learn what emotion is. Not a sentiment to destroy the world or their little black and white world where they understand no evolution or change. So there is a chance the species may survive. If they don't blow mother earth to kingdom come first with nuclear weapons.

Every single word of this holds true when you have an animal. Especially during the training process. If you don't think the animal doesn't understand these basic concepts you're dead wrong and probably shouldn't raise an animal. At least an animal that will need to survive a human world with social skills.

The child or animal will eventually use these disagreements to cause discord in the family. The child has then gained control.

Before you have children, or acquire exotic pets or a more common pet agree how that pet is going to be raised and FOLLOW through. As you go through the processes you will find just through experience you will need to make some adjustments that's fine, normal, and is human nature. We learn and improve. However, these changes are discussed privately, never in front of the animal or child.

A child has a hard enough time dealing with the oddities of people, can you imagine what a poor little animal goes through when they don't even speak the same language? Training and behavioral training children is pretty much the same as training exotic pets and common pets.

If you are planning a special day with your pet or child don't start it out with a power struggle!

Diana Geiger Exotic Pets Editoron

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