Twelve by Twelve Book Review

Twelve by Twelve Book Review
I recently received a complimentary copy of a wonderful Art Quilt publication titled “Twelve by Twelve – The International Art Quilt Challenge”. This book is the result of a coming together of 12 Art Quilts Artists from around the world via the web. These artists have collaborated in set challenges and this book is the showcase of the results of their first International Art Quilt Challenge where each of the members chose a theme.

The twelve themes were spread over 24 months. Each member agreed to make a 12” x 12” quilt with their interpretation of the selected theme. A cut-off date was agreed upon after a bit of tweaking, given the various time zones around the world.

Each of the members are high profile art quilters in their own countries and internationally, and most have been published as well as been Art Quilt Winners in their own countries. The Art Quilters are: Diane Perin Hock, Francoise Jamart, Kristin la Flamme, Karen Rips, Brenda Gael Smith, Terri Stegmiller, Nikki Wheeler, Deborah Boschert, Gerrie Congdon, Helen L. Conway, Kirsten Duncan, and Terry Grant.

The countries represented are: Australia, United States of America, Germany, Hawaii, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Each of these Quilters brings something different to the group and has created a huge learning curve for all members.

What makes this publication so different from the usual collaborative publication is the way the themes have been presented to the reader. Each chapter is devoted to one theme, one quilt and one quilter who elaborate in detail on the processes, inspiration , techniques and even work spaces whilst creating her marvellous piece. Each of the other quilters touch on their creations in little vignettes that are also very interesting.

So in the long run, every art quilter gets to show in detail her creation and the work behind the making of that creation. The accompanying colors and diagrams enhance this publication.

The authors of this book have very cleverly included little gems of interest that encourage the reader to have a go. The subjects covered include: Starting your own Challenge Group, Creating time and Space for Art, and tips on Working in a Small Format.

I’ve not known of Lark Crafts books, but I’ll be looking for them from now on. One of the wonderful and clever features of this publication is the bookmark flaps, front and back. A great idea guys!!

If you’re interested in seeing and reading more about the Twelve by Twelve collaborative Quilting group,
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