Warning Exotic Pet Owners - You're Watched

Warning Exotic Pet Owners - You're Watched
Exotic pets in the news! Websites such as Craigslist are being watched carefully by authorities for illegal exotic pets and sales. Not only illegal sales but also people posting pictures of themselves with their exotic pets. I don't endorse illegal exotic animal sales it brings nothing but heartache. Animals are confiscated and usually destroyed.

I certainly don't approve of people making money off of exotic animals using illegal sales. Using internet sites to sell illegally to people, People that have no knowledge how to care for these unusual animals. These animals end up suffering, dying, being mishandled, abused, or being abandoned; released into the environment creating drastic situations of throwing off nature's balance. If you make a stupid mistake by buying a exotic pet or exotic pets and you suddenly find out their not the cute little infant you expected them to be, or feeding them is much more expensive than you expected, they smell, these animals are not to be "released into the wild" it's wrong, it endangers the native wildlife, can endanger children, adults, other pets which are seen as a food source. Find a rescue that will care for the animal! Rescues are filling to capacity because of people that don't think before they purchase! Merchants that want the almighty dollar instead of having the animals welfare at heart.

Face it, these illegal sales are only for people to profit and has nothing to do with the love of animals. If you do legally sell exotic pets make sure you educate your customer in advance of surrendering the animal to the potential owner.

Potential customers - if you are looking for an exotic pet that you saw on TV, or at a friend's house, wherever - learn every possible thing you can about this animal before you purchase or acquire the animal. Find a veterinarian to take care the animal's medical needs before acquiring the animals. Make sure you can afford to provide for this animal's needs, including veterinarian needs!

I hate to see exotic pet laws growing more limiting or stopping the sales entirely, but if everyone would be a responsible exotic pet owners, the laws would never be necessary - would they? For 100 people that take good care their pets there is one person that abuses their pet. I am certainly for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but not if it means that animals are going to suffer.

Diana Geiger Exotic Pets Editoron

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