Spanish numbers - From 60 to 90

Spanish numbers - From 60 to 90
This article covers the list of Spanish numbers, from 60 to 90, their use and grammar explanations, three videos to listen how these numbers are pronounced in Spanish, and, finally, some exercises, to practice what you have learn.

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First of all, the table with the list of numbers from 60 to 90:

60 sesenta70 setenta80 ochenta
61 sesenta y uno71 setenta y uno81 ochenta y uno
62 sesenta y dos72 setenta y dos82 ochenta y dos
63 sesenta y tres73 setenta y tres83 ochenta y tres
64 sesenta y cuatro74 setenta y cuatro84 ochenta y cuatro
65 sesenta y cinco75 setenta y cinco85 ochenta y cinco
66 sesenta y seis76 setenta y seis86 ochenta y seis
67 sesenta y siete77 setenta y siete87 ochenta y siete
68 sesenta y ocho 78 setenta y ocho88 ochenta y ocho
69 sesenta y nueve79 setenta y nueve89 ochenta y nueve
90 noventa
I have created three videos, so you can listen to the pronunciation of these numbers and associate the Spanish pronunciation with their spelling.

Numbers from 60 to 69: Watch the video
Numbers from 70 to 79: Watch the video.
Numbers from 80 to 90: Watch the video.

Numbers 61, 71 and 81 have three different forms:

61: sesenta y uno (masculine), sesenta y una (feminine) and sesenta y un (apocopated form).
71: setenta y uno (masculine), setenta y una (feminine) and setenta y un (apocopated form).
81: ochenta y uno (masculine), ochenta y una (feminine) and ochenta y un (apocopated form).

Both, masculine and feminine forms for 61, 71 and 81 (above) are never followed by a noun (substantive). The only form followed by a noun is the apocopated one. Take a look at these examples:

¿Cuántos años tienes?
Tengo sesenta y uno.
(as "uno" refers to "año", and "año" is masculine.)

¿Cuántas plantas compro?
Tienes que comprar setenta y una.
(as "una" refers to "planta", a feminine noun.)

Mi abuelo tiene ochenta y un años. (Here we use the apocapated form "un", as we are using the noun "años" after "ochenta y un".).

Do you want to make some exercises? If so, here is the link to a quiz I have prepared about Spanish numbers, from number 60 to 90. Go to the quiz.

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