Netted Twin Bead Tubes

Netted Twin Bead Tubes
Twin seed bead netted tube

In the beads sent from Preciosa Ornela for the Beads for Blog Posts program were a few colors of their twin beads.

I love Twins. They are 2 hole seed beads shaped like a long oval, narrow at the ends, and rounded in the middle.

The tubes used in the memory wire bracelet above are quick to weave and can be strung in all sorts of ways. I strung them on memory wire with some gorgeous pressed glass, also from Preciosa Ornela.

You will need:

  • Size 11/o rocaille seed beads

  • 1 or 2 colors of Twin beads

  • needle

  • thread

  • scissors

When picking the rocailles- I used a basic round frosted s/l lime colored rocaille. Rocailles come with a few cuts and shapes in that size, and a cut rocaille will have more sparkle than the beads I used.

The diagrams are for the length of the tubes used on my bracelet. You can make this any length, including very short lengths for beaded beads.

If your working with 2 colors, start by putting on a stop bead leaving a long tail for finishing. 8 inches is more than enough. String on beads alternating seed beads and Twin beads for an odd number of Twin beads. I use alternating colors of Twins, and the total length for the side of my bracelet was 25 Twin beads, 12 in a smoke color with black color lining, and 13 in pink.

Now for the turn! Each turn has 5 beads in it, this first turn goes down into the second hole on the end bead. Then you add a seed bead, a Twin bead, a seed bead, and skip a seed, twin, seed on the previous row to go into the next Twin. Repeat across, going through the top hole of the first twin to finish the row.

The turn on the other side adds the first bead for the next row. So add 5 beads, then a Twin and a seed bead, then go into the last Twin bead added in the previous row. Repeat across.

The pattern is worked that way, back and forth 3 times or 6 rows depending on how your counting it.

Now it's time to weave the edges together to create the tube. Add 5 beads, and go through the second hole following the pattern set, then add a seed bead and go through the bottom hole of the down bead on the other side, add a seed bead, and go through an a bead from the last row, work back and forth like that until the end, then add 5 beads, and go through the bottom hole of the first bead added. Pass the needle and thread through that row to the other side.

Put a needle on the tail end. Now it's time to finish off the ends. On each end, pass the needle and thread through the middle 3 beads of each loop, and pull tight, reinforce with one more pass through those beads, and weave in the ends making several half knots.

Use your tubes in other stringing projects! I really like this bracelet, I had considered stringing it on SoftFlex, but I like the bangle feel and ease of memory so that was my final decision.

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