Mobile APPs Are Gobbling Up The Internet

Mobile APPs Are Gobbling Up The Internet
Flurry Analytics is the premiere mobile APP resource. According to Flurry, the month of November has become a major milestone. More than one trillion unique events have been tacked inside mobile APPs by consumers. This number is barely four years old. Not only this one trillion unique events have been accomplished part of this accomplishment has generated tens of billions of dollars in revenue for both consumer, businesses and developers. The APP industry has magnified quicker than anyone could have imagined.

What does all this mean for the everyday consumer or business owner? Just about everything. Business financing is tight and does not seem to be letting up anytime soon. There has always been a debate on what is profitable and what is not. Entrepreneurs always focus on opportunity and the next ‘big’ thing because they are risk takers and greatly creative. Investors, on the other hand, are all about financial risk and the financial guarantee for a return on investment. Entrepreneurs always jump first then look, investors look then jump. Both have their style and many times the two do come together, but it seems that this financial market this is becoming rare.

The venture industry seem to work with what they know, what they are familiar with. Upgrading to them is a new color of paint for their office. The Internet is understood. Page views, bounce rates, visits and other key points are familiar. There is also a way to find traffic, buy traffic (SEM) and letting traffic find you (SEO) and the path to the web is clear. Google economics is fully understood and projections of lifetime value vs cost per acquisition are common place. All these tools give venture capitalist the ability to value businesses appropriately.

Then today, mobile and APPs are sweeping the market and quite frankly venture capitalist do not understand the value. Traffic is still not seen as a measurable science like the Internet. There are no formulas that can be used to measure the value of one APP over another. Business APPs are still fairly new and everyone is learning.

The reality is that mobile and APPs are replacing the web and consumer Internet. Mobile and APPs are where the opportunity is today. And that opportunity has never been more profitable. Entrepreneurs are living the American dream and loving it, even if it costs them $.99 at a time! They are just letting the venture capitalist continue debating the value.

Another way entrepreneurs are cashing in on the opportunity set before them are upgrading the PDA style APPs, which is needed. Calendars are becoming more powerful and easier to navigate. Tracking and stats are becoming common place for many of the most popular business APPs. Developers are becoming more savvy with how businesses operate because businesses are much like venture capitalist for developers because they are having a difficult time understand the value of an APP. But those businesses who are risking are taking back control of their marketing and promotions through their business APPs and punch card APPs. Loyalty clubs are popping up across the nation with those businesses who have fully embraced the opportunity APPs bring. Warehouses are beginning to use mobility APPs to do inventory as well as staying in touch with employees.

Mobile APPs are where the money is and for the development company that can hold on, there is light at the end of the tunnel in 2013!

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