Oz The Great And Powerful

Oz The Great And Powerful
Oscar Diggs a.k.a. Oz isn’t exactly the greatest magician working the carnival circuit in Kansas. But when a tornado whisks him away to the strange and beautiful land of Oz, things seem to change, especially when he meets Theodora, one of three sisters who happen to be witches, who tells him of a prophesy about a great wizard who would save the land from the evil witch. But which sister is truly the evil witch that Oz needs to be saved from? Could it be Theodora herself, the conniving Evanora or the outcast Glinda? Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Oz the Great and Powerful”.

· At the beginning of the movie, when Oz is telling his new assistant about the trinket box that “belonged to my grandmother”, the close-up view of her when she says “your grandmother?”, shows Oz’s left hand is holding the edge of the box. It cuts to a close-up of Oz when he answers “yes, she was killed in battle”, and he’s rubbing the edge of the box with his left hand. It cuts back to a close-up of the assistant when she asks “which battle” and Oz’s left hand is back in its original position. Back to the close-up of Oz when he repeats “which battle” and his fingertips of his left hand are on top of the box. It switches again when it shows the close-up of the assistant.

· When Oz is in the river after the crash, there is a pink flower in front of the balloon when he is in the water. There is only a smaller, pink bloom and a few leaves around it. It’s the same through most of the scene but when Oz runs out of the water when he’s attacked by the river fairies, the view of the flower (now behind him) shows no leaves around it and it’s further away (and to the left) of the balloon when he asks “Where am I?”.

· When Oz runs out of the water, he’s carrying his suitcase in his right hand. It cuts to a close-up when the fairy whistles and then spits water on him. His right hand is empty as he tries to shoo the fairy away. He definitely could have dropped the case out of frame but it cuts back to the original view of him when he turns around and the case is in his right hand again. Also in the close-up of Oz and Theodora when he introduces himself and gives her flowers, he’s not holding the case. But when they hear the wicked witch’s minions and start to run, he’s holding the case again.

· Oz helps Theodora out of the cave and sets her down. In the close-up of Theodora (rear of Oz), the tie on her hat falls down over/in front of her right ear. It cuts to a front view of Oz (rear/right side of Theodora) and the tie is behind her ear. The tie switches back and forth during the scene, depending on the close-up view.

· When Oz and Theodora are talking around the campfire, the tie from her hat hands down in front of her and over her shirt. In the far view, the tie is still there when she starts to take off her coat. It cuts to a close-up while she’s still taking off her coat and the tie is gone.

· Oz and Theodora are dancing. In the rear view of Theodora, Oz’s right hand is on her back, at her waist. It cuts to a close-up and his right hand is at her chin.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! When the Wicked Witch of the West breaks through to the area where Glinda and Oz are standing, Oz asks if someone is helping her. Glinda turns and the view shows her hair falls in front of her right shoulder. It cuts to a side view when Glinda tells everyone to take cover and all of her hair falls on her back. It cuts back to the previous view and her hair is once again is in front of her right shoulder and back.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! After the Wicked Witch of the West makes her appearance, Glinda finds Oz packing his bag. In the front view of him, when he says “that’s before I knew what we were up against”, he picks up a silver ring and a deck of cards and puts them in his case. He continues to pack while they talk. It cuts back to the front view of him when he says “you need a real wizard” and the cards are back on the table in front of the case, next to the gold trinket box. He puts them in the case again a few moments later when Glinda is talking to China Girl.

“Oz the Great and Powerful” (2013) stars James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff and Joey King. It runs 130 minutes and is rated PG for sequences of action and scary images, and brief mild language.

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