Sewing the Felt Pumpkin Pin

Sewing the Felt Pumpkin Pin
Pin the smallest pumpkin section (orange) onto the medium sized pumpkin piece as shown in the photo (refer to the overall layout on the pattern sheet to confirm placement accuracy).
felt pumpkin pin

If you have a canine (or feline) "helper" like mine, try to position it so that you can actually work. As you can see here, I met with relative success. She wanted to be in my lap, so this was our compromise. She wasn't happy though, so she kept scootching forward over time.
felt pumpkin pin

Using three strands of brown floss, stitch the small segment to the larger piece. Start at one of the lower edges and stitch up along that edge, carrying over to the opposite edge and finish stitching at the bottom of the other side. Do not stitch around the bottom edge - this will be stitched during a later step.

I was going for a rustic look, so I used a simple edge stitch and varied the length and direction of the stitches as I went. You can also use a blanket stitch, if you prefer.

When you are finished, it should look similar to the photo on the right.
felt pumpkin pin

Pin the stitched together sections to one of the largest pumpkin pieces (refer to the overall layout on the pattern sheet to confirm placement accuracy).

Stitch in the same fashion as in the previous step, starting just above where the side of the yellow section meets the bottom of the largest shape (see photo).
felt pumpkin pin

Pin one of the green pumpkin cap and stem pieces to the top edge of the stitched pumpkin so that the flat edge of the pumpkin cap is slightly above the top edge of the pumpkin (see the photo below).
felt pumpkin pin

This photo shows how the edge of the pumpkin cap should extend just past the pumpkin piece.
felt pumpkin pin

You will repeat this process of pinning the cap and stem to the top edge of the other (unstitched) bottom pumpkin piece that will be the back of the pumpkin, but the pieces will be reversed.

To make this easier, after you have pinned the first stem on (described in the step above), place the back pumpkin piece underneath the stitched pumpkin so that all of the edges match up. Holding the pieces together, flip them over so that the back of the pumpkin (the unstitched side) is facing up. Place the other green cap and stem piece over the edge of the back pumpkin so that its edges match up with the stem pinned to the front. Pin the second stem piece in place, pinning through the back pumpkin only, so that you can separate them. When you take them apart, they should look like the photo to the right.
felt pumpkin pin

Click the link to learn how to finish the felt pumpkin pin

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