Bad Santa

Bad Santa
“Bad Santa” isn’t your typical “feel good” Christmas movie. Willie and Marcus have an annual scam that finds them appearing in malls as Santa Claus and his helper. When the lights go out on Christmas Eve, that’s when the heist begins. But when Willie develops a soft spot for a young boy named Thurman and Sue, a local bartender, their plans seem to go awry. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Bad Santa”.

• At the beginning of the movie, Willie is sitting in O’Hara’s Pub. There is a stand on the bar in front of him. In the first overhead view, two stacks of napkins can be seen on the stand. This is especially noticeable when he says “Can I get another drink?” After Willie gets his drink (in the following front and side views), the stack of napkins that is closest to him is now gone.

• A young boy with an ice cream cone jumps on Willie’s lap as he’s dressed as Santa Claus. The amount of the ice cream on the cone changes between front and side views throughout the scene.

• Willie is staying at the home with Thurman and his grandmother. Thurman rushes into the bedroom and shows Willie his Advent calendar. During the scene, especially noticeable during the close-up views, Willie’s bathrobe alternates from being partially closed to sliding off his left shoulder.

• During the scene where Willie rips open the calendar and throws it back on the table, there is no paper around. After he wakes up the next morning, Willie checks the calendar. There is now paper next to it on the table and the calendar is even ripped differently.

• Bob Chipeska is talking to Willie and Marcus in his office. During the views of Marcus and Willie, there are three candy canes in the cup on Bob’s desk. But during the views of Bob Chipeska, there are at least five candy canes.

• The third time Bob Chipeska is talking to Gin, Bob is wearing a tie that has diamond shapes on it. It’s the same tie throughout the scene until the very last time we see Bob. During this view, it’s the same tie Bob was wearing the first two times he was talking to Gin.

“Bad Santa” (2003) stars Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, Lauren Graham, Lauren Tom, Bernie Mac and John Ritter. It runs 91 minutes and is rated R for pervasive language, strong sexual content and some violence.

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