The Bible - In The Beginning (1966)

The Bible - In The Beginning (1966)
The Bible – In The Beginning (1966)
Four events from the Old Testament are featured in this 1966 film directed by Dino De Laurentis. The first story shows Adam and Eve and their eventual exile from the Garden of Eden as well as their son Cain and the murder of his younger brother Abel. Noah’s building of the Ark and how he and his family were saved from the great flood is next followed by King Nimrod of Babylon’s attempt at building a tower that reached to the heavens and its resulting linguistic chaos. The story of Abraham and his wife Sarah is told featuring the story of Lot and his flight from Sodom as well as the birth of their son, Isaac. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “The Bible – In The Beginning”.

∙ After the scene of Cain’s birth, Adam is shown trying to move a rock that’s on the ground. Cain, now a small child, is shown standing up, trying to pick up the stick his father had just tossed aside. It cuts to a wider view of Adam, Cain and now Eve and Cain is sitting next to the rock that Adam is still trying to move.

∙ Noah and his family are eating while taking a break from building the ark. Noah is holding a root vegetable (carrot?) in his left hand. He takes a bite out of it in the front view but when it cuts to a rear view, the veggie is longer and still intact. It cuts back to the front view and he takes another bite. But the next rear view still shows it as the same size and shape as before. The scene cuts again to the front view where Noah doesn’t take a bite. It then cuts back again to the rear view and the veggie has now been bitten.

∙ Also at the beginning of the scene where Noah and his family are eating, a red apple is knocked off of a plate in front of his son. The apple is gone for most of the scene. But the apple is back on the plate in the rear view of Noah when his wife asks his son “…or doubt his ways…”.

“The Bible – In The Beginning” (1966) stars Michael Parks, Ulla Bergryd, Richard Harris, John Huston, Stephen Boyd, George C. Scott, Ava Gardner and Peter O’Toole. It runs 174 minutes and is unrated.

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