The Mummy (1932)

The Mummy (1932)
Imhotep has risen from his mummified state and now, as Ardath Bey, plans to bring his beloved Princess Anckesenamon back from the dead. However, his plans go awry when he discovers Anckesenamon’s soul is now in Helen Grosvenor who is falling in love with Frank Whemple. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching the 1932 horror classic, “The Mummy”.

∙ When Helen first appears in the movie, she is at a party, staring out across the city. Throughout the scene, even when she’s talking to the gentleman, she has a cigarette in her left hand. When the two turn, in a rear view, Helen raises her left arm, putting the cigarette near her face. But in the very next front view with the two of them in the background, Helen’s arms are by her side and the cigarette is gone.

∙ While they are sitting on the couch, Frank puts a pillow behind Helen before they kiss. In this scene and in the next when Sir Joseph Whemple and Dr. Muller walk in, the pillow is situated behind Helen’s head. But in the next view of Helen, when Frank goes to talk with the two men, the pillows are lower on her back.

∙ Sir Joseph Whemple is talking to Dr. Muller about Ardath Bey when the telephone in his study rings. In the close-up Sir Joseph Whemple, he picks up the phone and says “hello” but his lips never move!

∙ When Sir Joseph Whemple attempts to burn the scroll, he places it in the fireplace with the end facing towards him. The scene then switches to Imhotep and then back to Sir Whemple. The position of the scroll has changed, with the sides facing the room and the ends are facing the inside of the fireplace. The scroll stays in this position when Sir Whemple moves away while he’s grabbing his chest. But when the Nubian comes in and walks to the fireplace, the scroll is now back in its original position.

∙ Imhotep is explaining to Anckesenamon who the mummy is in the glass case. A side view of the case is shown. When Imhotep starts to break the glass, it shatters. But no glass is shown falling inside the case. There’s no glass there!

∙ A bit of history---according to the movie, Imhotep and Anckesenamon lived in 1730 B.C. during the 18th Dynasty. However, 1730 B.C. is around the 13th and 14th Dynasty in Egypt. The 18th Dynasty began about 200 years later.

“The Mummy” (1932) stars Boris Karloff, Zita Johann, David Manners, Arthur Byron, Edward Van Sloan, Bramwell Fletcher and Noble Johnson. It runs 73 minute and is Unrated.

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