Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
Princess Aurora is bestowed the gifts of beauty and song, but when the evil fairy, Maleficent takes offense for being snubbed by the King and Queen, she bestows a curse guaranteeing the death of the young girl by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel before the night of her sixteenth birthday. However, three fairies are entrusted by the King to take care of his daughter and keep her safe until then but their plans go awry when Maleficent locates the young princess just in time for her birthday. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching the Disney animated classic “Sleeping Beauty”.

∙ When Merryweather is about to bestow her gift, she is holding her wand when a sudden gust of wind comes in. The winds pick up and a close-up of the three fairies show Fauna, Flora and Merryweather are not holding their wands. Maleficent appears and it cuts back to the close-up of the three fairies who are not only holding their wands again but Flora and Fauna have switched places.

∙ Fauna has a wooden bowl, stirring the cake batter when she walks over to Flora and Merryweather while they’re making the dress for “Briar Rose”. When Fauna first approaches, when Flora mentions “sixteen years”, the bowl she’s carrying appears to be empty. The cake batter can then be seen for the rest of the scene.

∙ Aurora begins to sing in the forest but the wrap/shawl she has is around her arms, not over her head. It cuts to a bluebird and then back to Aurora and the wrap/shawl is over her head.

∙ Aurora sits on a tree root in the forest and is talking to the animals. She sets her basket on the ground to her left. When the animals approach in the prince’s cape, hat and boots, Aurora takes her shawl off and sets it on the tree root. But when she starts singing and dancing, the view of the tree shows the shawl and basket are gone. They’re back when Aurora grabs them and runs from Prince Phillip.

∙ When King Stefan and King Hubert are toasting Aurora’s Sixteenth birthday, the red bottle of wine is next to them on the table. It cuts to the musician and then back to the two kings when they finish their song and drink, and the wine bottle is gone. The scene cuts to the musician when he hiccups and then to a wider view of the three of them and King Hubert is holding the bottle in his right hand. A few moments later, when Stefan is shown the plans to Phillip’s and Aurora’s castle, the wine bottle is nowhere to be seen. But after Hubert explains the different rooms, it cuts to a wider view and the bottle is now near the end of the table next to them.

∙ King Stefan and King Hubert begin to argue. Hubert grabs a fish that’s on the table. Stefan grabs the platter that the fish had been sitting on. When he grabs the platter, there is a second platter under it, still sitting on the table. When the two kings start to laugh, Stefan puts the platter back on the table but the spot is bare, the second one is no longer there. Also, Hubert straps the fish in his belt but a few moments later, when Stefan is talking about the wood carvers, the fish is gone.

∙ The crown that the fairies give to Aurora is plain gold. But when Maleficent reveals her on the floor, the view of the crown shows it now has jewels. It still has jewels when she’s sleeping but it’s plain again when she meets her parents.

“Sleeping Beauty” (1959) features the voices of Mary Costa, Bill Shirley, Eleanor Audley, Verna Felton, Barbara Luddy, Barbara Jo Allen, Taylor Holmes and Bill Thompson. It runs 75 minutes and is rated G.

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